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5/19 Covid Control Charge Led by Nano-an exclusive public service announcement series by Imperiumgroup-pr


No nation has conquered covid as it seems to be conquering all nations with increasing variations;legal options to global vaccination and mask use mandates are the missing link.

1- The nanosoma.com is perhaps the most exceptional federal level 3 and 4 lab studies.

Gain of function optimizes any virus genome to improve infection. Nanosoma ongoing studies show it may automate and amplify human genome evolution to improve resistance to any infectious microbe.

The 48 nanometer sized molecules in a sublingual spray are one half the size of the covid molecule.1 nano meter is 100,thousandth of the width of a hair.your dna molecules are 2 nanometers as is h2o.

Human health is critically dependent on nano sized molecules.

2- Brazil is 3% of earth’s population ;30 % of global deaths were there ,since March due to a covid mutation,in 50 countries in 90 days. Axios.com tracks viruses, variants and vaccinations globally.

The oldest South American artifact is a copper mask.the oldest known,medical document,Smith’s Papyrus,records copper as an infection stopping in 1700 BC.In 3200 BC,the Ankh copper symbol was an infection stopper device.

Phd,microbiologist,genetic modification expert says copper has stopped covid,and Mersa and far more;with copper ions that remove electrons needed by all infectious viruses and bacteria to disrupt,infect and overwhelm all cells.

A Colorado level 3 lab ,out of only 1300 in the world,reports 95% in 10 minutes and 99% in 30 with the form of copper used in masks by Copper medic.com which is registered with the FDA emergency use authorization program.

The Louis Pasteur Institute echoed ancient wisdom and modern rediscovery concluding proper copper is covid over gold winning the Olympics as the fastest material to dock,lock and clock each virus molecule unlike any other.

3Dprintlife.com ,global reseller of 3dcopper.com and cuprionix.com masks ,use this form of copper.

Their N95 copper mask combines the best fit design N95 features with the current best nano copper traits.

National institute of health’s “Can copper help covid-19 patients?”, reports copper is needed by critical immune cells like B cells ,T cells ,natural killer cells.

Studying the many extensive studies on the sites listed ,May fashion your personal path to Postpandemics freedom regardless of what others refuse to choose.

Petrochem,the Middle East and Africa’s largest petrochemical supplier says its billions could bring their copper masks solutions to billions as no one else now proposes.

Their open source development and market model allows talent from the 4 corners of the globe to continually improve all mask features.

Governments see the N95 mask as the gold standard yet it only blocks and literally accumulates 95 % of viruses.some copper masks may deactivate to 100% ,be 9 times more breathable .

In the case of Kuhncoppersolutions.com’s mask, lasting 2 years at $30 each,it may be hundreds Of times more valuable than any mask.without advertising,they’ve sold 2,000 masks in 2 years with the highest amount of copper ions in the only mask that’s 99% copper .

The world’s health is ruled by who and how scientific studies are done ,interpreted and evaluated.

Until global mask wearing is mandated by law,which looks inevitable,and governments dictate exactly which mask providers they permit to operate,one may find their optimum options are golden if they educate themselves.

If proper copper continually derails all viruses how does that compare to conventional government focus on ever new,pharma only, covid modalities variants?

Dr.sarah warnes,2015,Journal for the society of microbiology,found copper seems to eradicate all genetics of all harmful viruses and bacteria throughout the entire genome regardless of any form. See the three minute youtube at MitoSynergy.com

In 1854 ,victor burq,m.d, found only 0.5 % of copper workers and musicians using brass instruments,a copper alloy, got cholera out of hundreds of thousands of such people. Copper ions ,absorbed via lungs and skin ,may be the common thread.

4- 500 covid patients in 3 countries attribute a nanoparticle solution to their recovery. The patented formula is FDA, generally regarded as safe, has an organic certification, and doesn’t contradict any medication.

As Congress debates making 40 million N95 masks by May, far superior options may be here for all nation’s vaccination acceleration.

The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated any of these statements. The dietary supplements and all products described are not drugs or medical devices, and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Results vary and may not be representative of the experience of others. Information and statements made are for educational purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. If you have a medical condition or health concern, see your healthcare provider.

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