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Adam Bennett AKA Snazzy Phade is taking over the music industry!


Working as an independent artist is no easy feat, but with the right plan and guidance, you can be the success that you want to be. Adam Bennett–or Snazzy Phade professionally–has figured out how to thrive in the independent industry. Geared up as an audio engineer and a owner of a record label, Phaded Records, he has been mixing and mastering his own music for a few years now and has the right background to help other artists get started with making their own music.

Snazzy Phade has put together and released over forty songs that are currently available to stream on a number of platforms. As he has made his way through the process of writing, recording, mixing, and mastering his own songs, he also has the know-how to do the same with others’. “Being an independent artist is a process and takes a lot of work, but once you know how things work and you’re prepared for what’s to come, everything can definitely become easier,” he says. Getting a great sounding song comes with a price!  Using the right gear and software is key to finding your sound as an independent artist and high quality equipment makes a world of difference.

“Marketing yourself is the hardest part about being an independent artist,” Adam states. “There were a lot of facets to this industry I wasn’t even aware of until I was facing it. Budgeting, online promotion, and presence is all considered from before you release a song, to after you release a song.”

For new artists, there are a lot of things that can be overwhelming. “For someone just starting out in the music industry I would tell them to invest in themselves and their future. If they are serious about their career in the music industry you have to go all in and invest into yourself.  Learn how to do it right and how to get paid for what you create. Too many artists pay thousands on studio fees, engineer fees, producer fees, and music videos, and don’t spend anything on actually promoting it! Learn what labels do for their artists. There’s a learning process to everything new someone starts in their life but if you put in the time and believe in yourself you will reach your goals,” Adam explains. 

Adam has some good experience reaching his goals as of late. His current motivations as an audio engineer and recording artist started young. At an early age Adam had a deep love and passion for music. Growing up he was heavily inspired by Bay Area music and RnB/Rap. “My first CD ever was Confessions by Usher in 2004,” he said, remembering. He attended SAE Institute/Expressions College in Berkeley, CA for audio engineering and music production and graduated in 2016 as class valedictorian with the highest overall GPA and the most hours logged in the class nearly doubling everyone else that attended. He is also Pro tools 101 Certified and only uses the best quality plugin bundles to mix and master for his clients.  “I am proficient with Abelton, Pro Tools, Logic, and Cubase, I’ve worked with a wide variety of high quality gear at high quality venues for my audio engineering gigs like microphones, audio processors, outboard gear, live sound gear, live sound setups, and concert audio.

From capturing audio, manipulating audio, mixing live audio, concert setups, recording artists, to using million dollar audio consoles, Adam has been reaching new heights. “I am pretty versatile when it comes to mixing and mastering. I use the Izotope Mix and master bundle, waves plugins, UAD plugins, all run through a Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo. I have a song out with Keak da Sneak who has a decent following and songs with e40/too short.”

Choosing your team dictates your success, finding a label and audio engineer that you trust and has the right knowledge is the first step to getting your ducks in a row as an independent artist. Adam’s experience makes him a great resource to walk you to the next step in your career.