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Audien Hearing: The latest in Fighting Hearing Loss


Hearing loss affects more than 477 million people worldwide, and the number is growing every year. It’s a serious problem — hearing loss can have a significant detrimental effect on your relationships, mental health, and overall well being. That said, when someone has hearing loss, they’re not normally eager to address it. For that reason, many put off finding a solution, preferring not to wear hearing aids. To make things worse, hearing aids have traditionally been incredibly expensive, averaging around $4,600/pair with many options costing even more. 

Audien Hearing, a new company pioneering in the hearing industry, has created a new series of hearing aids that are not only affordable, but discreet, helping with the common concern of how it looks to wear hearing aids. 

Until hearing becomes an issue in a person’s life, they don’t really think about the need for hearing aids or how to get them. However, when the time comes, it can be a real challenge to find the best ones and the finances to purchase them. It can put a financial strain on an individual or a family to fit something this expensive into their budget. 

Finances aside, upkeep has also proven to be difficult. Many traditional hearing aids end up not working after several years, and even if they do work for a long time, people have to pay for disposable batteries and constantly replace them in their device. Imagine paying $5,000 for a pair of hearing aids then having to replace them 3 years later.

Seeing this huge problem in the industry, with millions of people having a serious problem that wasn’t being solved, Audien Hearing developed hearing aids starting at only $89/pair. They took into account the primary concern of those wearing hearing aids (how they look), and made the smallest rechargeable in ear hearing aid on the market for under $100. Their products are discreet and comfortable, plus rechargeable, so customers don’t have to keep paying over and over for more batteries.

Audien’s mission is to make hearing affordable for everyone. They currently sell two models that meet the terms of that mission, with their upgraded model, the EV3, being still only $249/pair. Their products deliver on price, but do not compromise on functionality. Audien’s customers often report their products working better than $5,000 hearing aids. This is because they are simple, comfortable, easy to use and effective. While customization based on hearing tests has its benefits, it’s often unwanted or simply not possible for those who can’t afford it. Audien’s one size fits all products meet the needs of those who were previously neglected by the hearing industry.

Audien has made hearing aids more accessible and affordable  than ever. Cutting middlemen out of the supply chain, they’ve kept costs as low as possible, going direct from factory to warehouse to the customer’s home. By simplifying the process, they’ve made it both easier and more affordable for the average consumer to help improve their hearing loss.

With a universal fit, Audien Hearing has mastered the craft of providing a hearing aid that virtually fits any person comfortably. In fact, their products work for around 90% of people who try them. For those that they don’t work for, Audien has a 30 day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk to trying them. Their innovative new business model has encouraged customers to explore their options before shelling out $5,000+ for a pair of hearing aids. 

Audien Hearing’s message has never been clearer. The days of overpaying for hearing aids are behind us. Audien Hearing continues to soar to new heights. With two products that have pushed the boundaries of hearing aids, Audien Hearing has proven that they have the right solution for those experiencing hearing loss who can’t afford to fix it. With their strong mission, Audien Hearing may soon be known as the company that revolutionized the hearing industry.