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10 Best TV Dramas on Netflix


10 Best TV Dramas on Netflix

TV Dramas especially on Netflix are incredibly entertaining. There are many best TV Dramas on Netflix that have gained worldwide popularity. The streaming service has the best TV dramas of all time. TV Dramas used to be the charm of television, but in the modern era web and streaming services has surpassed traditional television.

Netflix has good collection of TV dramas like Hulu and Amazon Prime. People always search for best TV Dramas on Netflix streaming and find out the same shows that are outdated. Therefore, ListicleFeed has made the list of extremely entertaining and amusing best TV dramas that are available not only on Netflix but also on other platforms including Hulu and Amazon Prime.

When it comes to the Best TV Dramas of all time, The Wire, Mad Man, Sherlock, Dexter and True Detective stand on the first positions. But some of these TV dramas are not available on Netflix and on other streaming services. Therefore, we made a perfect list of best television dramas that are available on all streaming services and other online platforms.

Best TV Dramas on Netflix to Binge Watch

Band of Brothers

It is a marvelous television drama that is based on the lives of Soldiers. This TV series was originally released on HBO. It briefly tells the story of Easy Company and 506th Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division of American Army. This TV series is inspired by the interviews of survivors of Easy Company. The TV drama series is inspired by the real literature that includes journals and letters of Soldiers. This TV drama series has 10 parts that displays the bravery of young soldiers, who can do anything in order to defend their owner. Band of Brothers is a masterpiece first created by Stephen Ambrose in the form of a book. (1)


This television Drama takes us into a fictional Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, which is located in New Jersey. Dr. Gregory solves puzzling health mysteries and known as medical Sherlock Holmes in House. He plays mind games with his colleagues, friends and rebellious James Wilson. House is a story of an acerbic infectious disease specialist, who tries to solve difficult medical mysteries with bench of young diagnosticians. The creative thinking and incredible medical knowledge makes Dr. Gregory House the greatest and respectful person even though he was a brutal honest and straight forward man. (2)

The West Wing

It is an incredible American political drama TV series created by Aaron Sorkin. It was first released on NBC in 1999. The West Wing story describes the struggle of presidential advisers, who are facing major challenges with the weight of heavy professional duties on their shoulders. Running a country is not a joke and presidential advisors are working hard to keep the country on track. In this situation a fictional Democratic President Josiah “Jed” Bartlet emerges to help the country. He has hard working staff that barely manage to balance the country in the era of political crises. This story includes numerous scandals, threats and political scuffles and the greedy race of power hungry forces.


It is story of a Viking Ragnar Lothbrok. He is a young farmer and family man who dislike the policies made by local chieftain named Earl Haraldson. Ragnar wants to go to west in order to find new civilizations because Baltic and Russia are poor and downtrodden areas. Ragnar makes fast and sharp boats to make it to the Western world with the help of Floke, who works as an assistant for Ragnar’s friend.  Ragnar claims to be the direct descendant of the god Odin and fights the great battle with Earl to gain ultimate authority and power. Ragnar doesn’t stop his search to find new lands to conquer and after years of hard work he tastes the success. (4)


Deadwood is one of the best television drama series that includes 36 episodes. It was released in 2006. Deadwood is story of a mining town that doesn’t belong to any U.S. state and territory in the era of post-Civil War. The crime rate is high in the town because Government rules don’t exist in this town. Deadwood grabs the attention of greedy people, who are willing to become rich after a massive gold strike. Some rebellious people who don’t respect rules and regulations of government also want to capitalize this lawless and lonely town. The town is built on stolen land taken from Sioux. (5)

Black Mirror

Consists of 19 episodes this TV drama series is very popular on Netflix. Black Mirror is a British science fiction anthology television series created by Charlie Brooker, with Brooker and Annabel Jones. This TV show was released in 2011. It is an incredible master piece that displays the charming world of technology. The story of Black Mirror portrays the marvelous inventions of human intelligence. The TV drama series shows how the world changes when technology and human meet each other. The series includes clever, thrilling and satirical stories related to technology. (6)

The Returned

The American supernatural drama series The Returned tells us the interesting story of a small town located on a mountain. In the small town random dead people began to reappear. They have been gone for many years and suddenly they come back. Families are back again and began to live in the town. They are willing to live again. Soon they realize that they are not only ones that come back to life. A deadly serial killer and other member of community are also alive again. The Returned is based on the popular, International Emmy-winning French suspense series adapted by Fabrice Gobert, which is inspired by the feature film Les Revenants. (7)

Lady Dynamite

The American comedy drama series Lady Dynamite is marvelous work of fiction. It was released in 2016. It is one of the mega hit TV dramas on Netflix. The drama series tells the story of a woman who is lost and trying to rebuild herself. Maria faces many challenging phases of her life as a comedian and actress. Maria Bamford is not a difficult person but her life is not simple anymore. The story of this TV drama series shows the struggle of everyday life that everyone has to face. The drama series stars multiple famous names in comedy that appear as a guest stars including Jon Cryer, Sarah Silverman, Ana Gasteyer, Patton Oswalt and Jenny Slate. (8)

Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul is American crime drama television series. It was released in 2015. It is story of goodman Jimmy McGill, who is a layer and want to make a name for himself. He is pretty famous in the group of his low-income clients. Jimmy is underdog with strict morals and dreams that are short-lived. Jimmy works with a former Philadelphia cop named Mike who has special skills. In many difficult situations he saves Jimmy and now Jimmy is fully impressed by Mike and wants to be big with his help. Although Jimmy is not an amazing lawyer but he has sprit that makes him different. (9)


An incredible American TV Drama series that tells the story of a man that spends 20 years in Jail for false allegations. Daniel Holden spends nearly 20 years on death row for killing and raping a teenage girl. But a DNA evidence sets him free. He returns home but now it is too late. People in the town treat him as outsider and dislike him because of his history. But Daniel doesn’t give up and uses his notorious past to become a state senator but still he struggles to adapt his new life. Daniel gets valuable support from his younger sister named Amantha, who strongly believes that his brother is innocence. She dedicatedly works hard for the freedom of his innocent brother. (10)

These are the Best TV dramas on Netflix to binge watch

These are the best TV dramas on Netflix. Enjoy those television series and let us know about your favorite TV drama series on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and other streaming services. Above mentioned TV dramas are top rated on every major review site.