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Billy Carson Brings the World and Its Mysteries to Online Viewers


The world and what lies beyond it fascinates Billy Carson. “I have a very inquiring mind,” he says. “I can’t stop thinking about space and about everything that lies out there, just waiting for us to discover it. Even if we keep our feet firmly on planet Earth, however, there are still so many things waiting for us to find them. I don’t think I am alone in this, though. I think plenty of people feel the same way that I do, which is one reason I created my online TV network, 4biddenknowledge TV. I wanted to explore Earth and the universe and reveal facts and science that will blow viewers’ minds.”

Mr. Carson loves the topics that “4biddenknowledge TV delves into. “You should check out Egyptian Mystery School, which discusses teachings in ancient wisdom and knowledge connected to our ancient ancestors. If you’re a music person, listen to Conscious Music, which is for all genres and moods and is entertainment for the entire family. History buffs will like Hidden Inca Tours, and you’ll be surprised by what you learn from The Hidden Elon Musk of Africa.”

The road to 4biddenknowledge started when Mr. Carson, who has a long, successful history of entrepreneurship, was very young. “ I developed a strong work ethic when I was only a year old,” he remembers. “That’s when I started writing book reports each week because my father wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be lazy. When I was twelve, my parents required me to pay rent to live in the family home. I was also required to use my own money to pay for most of my daily needs.”

Most children would have been adversely affected by this, but Mr. Carson was actually driven by it and became an innovative thinker and entrepreneur. “It helped me get through some difficult times. For example, I had holes in my sneakers because we couldn’t afford shoes. I would put cardboard in my shoes to keep my feet from touching the street. I had to wear pants that were too small because I outgrew them so fast. Eventually, I got more pants, but I still had only two pairs for the entire school week.

“Can you guess what I did? I bought the 79-cent pack of dye from the grocery store Winn-Dixie, and I bleached my pants and then dyed them overnight to a different color. The next day, I went to school wearing a different colored pair of pants. As far as everyone knew, I had at least three or four different colored pairs of pants every week. It was experiences like this that toughened me and gave me the mindset that I would provide for myself and solve my own problems.”

To provide for himself, Mr. Carson began selling newspaper subscriptions for the Miami News at the age of twelve and became the top newspaper subscription person. “I invested all of that money into electronics. At fourteen, I started an electronics company, and by fifteen, I was making more than my parents did. By sixteen, I had moved out of my parents’ house and had two cars and an apartment, and I still graduated from high school, all while running my own business.”

Since those early days, Mr. Carson’s accomplishments have grown. He is the best-selling author of The Compendium Of The Emerald Tablets and Woke Doesn’t Mean Broke, the new financial bible. He runs a multi-million dollar company that is dedicated to helping people around the world. Mr. Carson is a host on dozens of shows pertaining to science, astrophysics, and ancient civilizations. He is also an expert host on Deep Space, a new original streaming series by Gaia that explores the Secret Space Program, revealing extraordinary technologies and their potential origins. Additionally, he serves as an expert host on Gaia’s original series, Ancient Civilizations, in which a team of renowned scholars deciphers the riddles of our origins and pieces together our forgotten history documented in monuments and texts around the world. 

Mr. Carson recently earned the Certificate of Science (with an emphasis on neuroscience) at M.I.T. He is also using his passion for knowledge as CEO of First Class Space Agency, which is involved in research and development of alternative propulsion systems and zero-point energy devices. 

His talent for entrepreneurship extends to philanthropy. “I decided to raise money for the people that were victims of the freeze disaster in Texas. I used Instagram badges to raise money on IG Live talks. Instagram matched the badge donations, and then I doubled that amount. I took questions and answers for paid badges during IG Live, and that is how I raised the money. We ended up raising a total of $2,000. I was really glad that I could use my entrepreneurial skills to aid people.”

In the meantime, Mr. Carson’s work for 4biddenknowledge continues. “There is still so much out there to explore,” he says, clearly enthusiastic. “With my show, we can have so many documentaries on topics that will captivate our viewers. I can see 4biddenknowledge TV breaking new ground for years to come.”