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Celebrity NDA Launches its App for Easy and Accessible Non-disclosure Agreements


Former advertising executive and CEO Frank Peters has worked in the entertainment industry and has just launched Celebrity NDA, an application that provides customized, legally binding NDA’s on the go. 

Peters became familiar with NDAs while working as an advertising executive. “I was thinking about how valuable these agreements are and that there should be a way to make them more accessible,” Peters explains. “Even though I branded the name Celebrity NDA, the application is for anyone that wants to protect their privacy.” 

What is the purpose of an NDA?

NDAs are non-disclosure agreements. In simple terms, when you sign a non-disclosure agreement, you are entering into a contract that says you will not disclose certain information. In other words, you agree to keep your lips sealed about a particular topic. You agree to never speak about the details outlined in the agreement. 

Celebrity NDAs App is a quick and classy way to ask for confidentiality. 

When do you need a non-disclosure agreement? Anytime you don’t want detailed information to be shared, such as personal or proprietary information, you would like protected. A non-disclosure agreement saves you from having sensitive information shared with other people. 

Celebrities, for example, ask friends, guests, and business investors to sign non-disclosure agreements, and for a good reason. Imagine having personal information, damaging or not, shared with the public and without consent. Celebrity or not, leaked information is a violation of your privacy. 

If someone were to violate a non-disclosure agreement, you could essentially take them to court and sue them for any damages, including monetary damages. Depending on the kind of NDA you sign, the liquidated damages clause will include an amount the other party will be liable for. It is an extra layer of protection that ensures confidentiality. 

If you’ve ever had an NDA written up or have had to sign one, then you probably know that there’s a lot of work that goes into it. The terms have to be written up and approved by a lawyer, followed by some back and forth signatures and documentation.

Celebrity NDA will automatically populate a non-disclosure agreement on your phone. 

Celebrity NDA has found a way to eliminate all of the hassles to provide a quick, easy, and efficient way to protect your privacy on the go without lawyers. The company offers three different price packages to fit your budget and automatically populates a non-disclosure agreement on your phone. 

Peters is grateful to his development team that made everything possible. “It was a challenge getting the proper documents, creating a user-friendly interface, and getting the features to work as smoothly as possible,” Peters recounts. “We offer more than NDAs; we provide a confidentiality agreement with an ADR clause as well.” NDAs are accessible in under two minutes. The VIP package also offers video capture capability. 

This feature uses your cellphone’s front-facing camera to record both parties signing the agreement and timestamps it for an additional layer of protection. This video is only available for download by the registered user for safekeeping. 

The application is a game-changer for high-profile individuals or those looking to protect proprietary information.

Imagine meeting someone for dinner and simply asking your guest to sign an agreement on your phone vs. pulling out pages of documents. You provide all the necessary documents in under two minutes without a lawyer. The application is a game-changer for high-profile individuals or those looking to protect proprietary information. With everything moving online, there is no reason NDAs shouldn’t be accessible on a mobile device. NDAs are an essential tool that clients should have access to anywhere at any time. 

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