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Changing Meat as We Know It with Gourmeatly


The meat industry has seen little change since its creation. The traditional approach of going to the butcher is proving to be inconvenient and a hassle. Supermarket meat lacks quality and thus, people are left with little options to choose from. As one of America’s most consumed food groups, accessibility has proven to be a determining factor when choosing providers. Gourmeatly’s approach towards meat is set to tackle all the issues that the meat industry tackles daily. 

     Shipping has always proven to be difficult, especially a highly perishable item such as meat. A time sensitive item, methods of shipping have proven to be inefficient and thus, the product is compromised. The usage of cryo-vac technology has been in discussion when packaging meats, but never properly executed. However, Gourmeatly has taken that into their practice and expanded on it. By aging the meat for thirty days prior, they’ve utilized every asset available to them to ensure the meat’s preservation. The aging process along with cryo-vac technology aids in Gourmeatly’s in maintaining the quality of the meat. Furthermore, dry ice is packaged along with the meat to cover every aspect of the delivery. This attention to detail has served Gourmeatly well as they continue to build on their budding business.  

     Gourmeatly’s approach to the meat industry is simple; flexibility. Options ranging from the masterfully crafted pre-arranged boxes of meats to a-la carte pickings; there’s no limit to the amount of meat available. An automatic renewal period, clients can expect to receive their meats between twice a month or a monthly basis. Focuses on client retention, Gourmeatly has brought accessibility to quality meats. By allowing clients this flexible scheduling, they have opened a new side of the meat providing industry.      

    As a guiding principle in their business, Gourmeatly seeks to cover all aspects of the market. While the efficiency in delivery is important, the determining factor ultimately lies within the quality.  Known for cutting corners, the meat industry hasn’t always prioritized quality. Meat found at the grocery store has shown to be adequate at best and restaurant quality meat tends to be overpriced. By choosing Gourmeatly, you know exactly the whereabouts of the meat provided. The Gourmeatly difference is in the options of meat they offer. Familiarizing themselves with the meat market, they’ve established two different methods of feeding in regards to their beef. The offer of grass fed-grass finished beef allows for a healthier route to enjoying beef. While grass fed-grain finish gives the beef the traditional marbling many have come to love. These two options are just an example of the Gourmeatly’s exemplary range of meat. Heritage breed pork and wild caught seafood, Gourmeatly’s knows quality is key when choosing meats. By exploring the range of possibilities, clients will feel as if they have access to the heart of the meat market. 

     Having excelled in both efficient shipping and quality control, Gourmeatly implements another aspect into their business. By partnering with GiveBackBox, Gourmeatly provides clients with more than just quality meat. Through this partnership, a portion of the meat purchase goes towards a charity of the client’s choice. Buying meat with charity benefits, this has opened a side of the business that hasn’t been explored. In addition, clients can also fill their old boxes with old household goods to donate. By implementing this, Gourmeatly offers a new approach to their business. 

   Gourmeatly is one of few companies who have taken on the challenge of meat delivery and providing. In terms of branding, they have set themselves apart from their competitors through their efficient shipping as well as quality control. Bringing the best of the best to your tables, Gourmeatly is changing how the modern day people experience meat in every sense of the word.