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Montana’s Christian Baker is a Sales Guy Who Doesn’t Like Marketing


What makes a startup work? If there were a silver bullet for answering this question, then the vast majority of startups would not fail.

But, with hundreds of new businesses created each day, the odds that they’ll reach more than 1 million in revenue over their lifetimes are essentially impossibly small. Is this because the people creating them are not intelligent or driven? No. Is it because customers simply don’t want to buy things? Amazon has proven that that’s not the case.

Then… what is it?

For many companies, they’ve made an effort to try to build a product or service that people want. If they’ve actually found a product market fit and built something that people want, they’ve surpassed most businesses already. In our incredibly saturated world, it’s difficult to find and build something unique that people want that has not been built in your exact way before.

But the next stage of the journey is what genuinely separates fledgling businesses from healthy, sustainable, scalable businesses. Learning how to keep customers engaged, supported, happy, and coming back for more is an art, science, and a process that very few companies do well.

That’s why it’s an intriguing thing that a marketing agency is more focused on things like this than it is on simply blasting out images and SEO and catchy headlines.

If you want to go to the market, you have to have something for when the market comes back to you.

This is exactly what entrepreneur Christian Baker and Vexillum Group have made it a mission to create: a platform for companies to grow in organic, systematic ways to dazzle their customers before getting new ones. A healthy company needs a process and  vision on how exactly they help their customers, and once they’ve proven that they can help those customers, how to scale in order to help more customers.

Christan Baker is one of the world’s leading experts in operational strategy, corporate structure and results-focused leadership. A large part of what Christian does is help companies address and adjust their key infrastructure needs, from supply chain to product scaling to capacity to cash flow, and so on, so that they’ll have the right platform in place to take care of their existing customers while they market themselves to acquire new ones. This is Vexillum’s mission each day, for each company they serve.

If you aren’t scaling and growing to take care of the increasing needs of the customers you already have, it makes little sense to keep acquiring more! This is just one of the big ideas behind what has made Christian Baker and Vexillum a unique success.

As a Founding Partner of Vexillum Group, one of the world’s most impactful boutique marketing firms, Christian has led high revenue growth, profit achievement and talent development for clients. With over 15 years of experience in business development and executive leadership, Christian has grown his client’s portfolios to over $2 billion in sales and acquisitions across diversified industries and companies.  

His experience, strategic eye in seeing the opportunities and gaps that others miss combined with his ability to quickly close holes leads to profit acceleration and cost reductions.  He’s a strategic operator, powerful communicator and authentic leader with unwavering drive and vision for an impactful future.

“Managing growth has been a challenge at times.   We turn down far more business than we take on as we remain committed to not helping “just anyone” but instead helping the right projects get the right attention and optimization they require to reach their business goals,” Christian explains.

“We are the marketing and sales arm for funded, operational companies that have not taken advantage of all the marketing opportunities out there. Most $2-10M companies have built sales from internal processes, once you bring in a focused & experienced marketing team to optimize online efforts, the sales growth skyrockets.”

“We have some knee-deep involvement in industry-changing projects which is really exciting to be a part of.  We will continue to contribute our resources for the greater good and for making an impact worldwide. Two of our projects alone are infrastructure products to not only enhance their industry but help revolutionize them.  It’s too soon to talk about but in the next year, we will see technological changes worldwide in the media, entertainment and financial industries.”

Christian’s passions are with his family, including his wife of over 20 years, their children and grandchildren. Christian also can’t get enough of traveling with his family, and motorsports! 

Work hard… rest well. It’s good to keep things in balance.