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Creating Businesses and Giving Back: Entrepreneur Krissy Jones Discusses Forex Success


Entrepreneurship is an audacious choice that requires you to face challenges head on, especially for those in the business of foreign exchange (forex) market. Experienced entrepreneur and philanthropist Krissy Jones strongly feels that the skills needed for success are acquired through persistence, planning, and experience. 

Jones comments saying, “Entrepreneurial success comes with failures that you learn from and overcome, but it’s worth it. There’s so much freedom in it. You get to make choices you feel are right to impact the world.” Jones wants to help others achieve this by helping them realize their goals and how they can be successful and impact the economy in their community. 

Krissy Jones: An Unstoppable Force of Forex Success

Krissy Jones is an experienced forex trader and the acclaimed entrepreneur behind three of the most promising companies in the forex industry: Fair Forex, Options Trading, and The Forex Library. Fair Forex is a trustworthy, regulated forex brokerage with some of the lowest spreads, commissions, and fees in the industry. The Forex Library is a forex news and education site dedicated to keeping readers educated, informed, and up-to-date on the forex market. 

Jones now serves as a chairperson for all three companies. With significant experience in trading equities and forex, she creates valuable content for The Forex Library. In her work as a philanthropist, Jones volunteers for several humanitarian organizations and events (including the LA Food Bank) and sponsors families in poverty. According to Jones, she owes her current successes to her singular strength of character, which has allowed her to overcome considerable adversity.

Setbacks and Successes as an Entrepreneur

Over the course of her career, Jones has built six companies from the ground up. She’s familiar with the rollercoaster of setbacks and successes that entrepreneurs deal with. True entrepreneurs know that it takes several failures and learning from those failures to prevail and overcome adversity. Jones has reached this point in her entrepreneurial journey. She has gained a wealth of knowledge that she can now use to help others in their journey. “I want to inspire and help aspiring entrepreneurs be successful by avoiding some of the mistakes many of us just starting out fall into,” Jones explains. 

Jones encourages new entrepreneurs to be prepared for anything and expect the unexpected. “Don’t let yourself get discouraged; ups-and-downs are a natural part of building a business, and mistakes are a critical part of growth. You can turn every misstep into a step forward by choosing to learn and grow from it,” she says. Jones claims that her experiences have shaped her into the person she’s become; it made her stronger, wiser, more confident, and resilient. 

Making a Direct Impact

Jones claims that one of the greatest things about reaching success is being able to give back to the community and the world at large. This is why she volunteers at the LA Food Bank every chance she gets; she can make a direct positive impact on her community. She also sponsors families in poverty, providing a direct source of support for those that need it most. She finds these methods of giving back to be among the most fulfilling. “I can make an impact with my own two hands, see the positive change with my own two eyes,” she explains.

Jones decided to give back in a big way this Christmas. Her family held a “sober October” in which they practiced strict frugality, foregoing outside food and drink or any kind of expensive recreational activities. With the money they saved, Jones contacted the Department of Public Social Services and asked to adopt 20 families for Thanksgiving and Christmas. She’s spent the holiday season gathering supplies, preparing boxes of food, and ordering presents for these families, many of whom are homeless or living in poverty. Jones decided to permanently adopt a woman and her son, supporting them in a variety of ways.

Sharing the Secrets to Purpose and Fulfillment

Jones believes in working hard, playing hard, and giving back. This philosophy has served her well. She has her own businesses and is fulfilled, helping others achieve their dreams and volunteering in her community gives her joy. Her purpose in life is to build businesses, keep up with the forex market, and to always give back. She hopes she can help others find their purpose as well. 

Learn more about Krissy Jones online at www.krissyjones.net. Stay up-to-date on the forex market at www.theforexlibrary.com or find a trustworthy forex broker at www.fairforex.com.