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Did You Know You Can Immortalize Your Kid’s Art as Keyrings or Necklaces?


There is nothing quite like receiving a personal piece of art from a child in your life that means the world to you. When they walk up to you to hand you a drawing or painting that came from their heart and soul, well, you probably just want to sit down and reflect on how pure and beautiful their art is. In fact, you probably wish you could take it with you in the car, to work, and to show other people in your life.

It was this very idea that gave the founder of Drawnies the inspiration to do something about fleeting kid’s art. He thought to himself: there has to be a way to immortalize their art so it lives on forever, right? With the impetus, he launched Drawnies, the kid’s art platform that takes original drawings and turns them into key rings for men, and necklaces for women.

“As an uncle, I have received countless drawings from my nephews that I proceed to hang on my refrigerator. But, I always felt a sense of sadness when they handed me these drawings: I knew they were fleeting and in due time, would tear, smudge, or rip apart in the sands of time. I wanted to carry them with me and show them off, but I couldn’t,” said the founder of Drawnies.

After trying and testing the idea for a few months, Drawnies came up with a prototype of their product around Christmas 2019. With self-made products that are based on the purity and love of children, every person who beheld their key ring or necklace was instantly blown away. As Drawnies likes to say: it’s living memories brought to life.

Drawnies understands their products are more than just a product, which is why they are dedicated to each and every unique memory that is submitted to their website. They understand that their products can change a day, a month, or even a lifetime for relatives and parents around the world that want to cherish the love and affection of their children.

To date, the Drawnies platform has a 99% customer satisfaction and a 99% recommendation with more than 70,000 mothers that have elected to immortalize their children’s drawings in the shop.

“We had such an instant demand for our products that our team actually had to revert back and restructure our warehouse to ensure we were able to supply,” said the founder of Drawnies. “But, we are thrilled that people around the world are so receptive to our ideas and our passions. Spread the word on the launch of our brand today.”

Drawnies’ jewelry is unique and individually produced according to a child’s drawing. With a love of detail, each drawing is handmade and high quality, with great importance attached to each item.

Lastly, Drawnies is going above and beyond to help hungry children with meals in cooperation with ShareTheMeal. They are taking a portion of every proceed and donating it to the nonprofit to help every children in need throughout the world.