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Digital Names is Unlocking the Multi-Trillion Dollar P2P Blockchain and Crypto Boom


Predicting financial trends and technological advancement in a given market requires an intimate knowledge of the problems and legacy solutions currently involved with said market.

We all too often hear the talking-heads of financial media giving inflated, blockbuster predictions with the intent to get people watching. It is one thing to predict, it is something entirely different to predict accurately, and to bet on it.

Thomas Carter publicly foresaw the quadrupling of the total crypto market cap in the beginning 2020 at a time when it was hovering around 250 Billion. This type of prediction wasn’t a flippant attempt to get more people tuned in so the sponsors pay up. Instead it was the result of a chess-like thought process that saw the problems facing traditional markets and how crypto was going to be the solution people turned to at the time.

This is the same predictive approach Carter has taken to the investment world. Seeing the traditional methods as inefficient and technologically stagnant, Thomas founded DealBox and put himself at the forefront of the smart securities revolution creating an innovative digital securities issuance and investment platform using a compliant token technology built on the Tezos (XTZ) blockchain protocol.

DealBox gives issuers and investors a savvy best in class approach to being first-in-line. To invest in innovative new companies using smart securities or security token issuance technologies creating potential secondary liquidity for investors. With combined digital assets touching over $2 trillion in 2021 Carter sees this year as a transition toward a regulated market of tokenized assets. Security tokens being at the core of the rebound.

Thomas Carter now places his bets on something he sees as having more potential than anything he’s been a part of in his last 30 years in FinTech: Digital Names.

Digital Names does for cryptocurrency and digital wallets what domain names did for the internet back in the 90s. Rather than remember a numerical IP address for a website you can simply type in www.website-name.com and arrive at the desired destination. 

Simply by using $yourname, which sells for $19.95 a year, you can bypass the problem of lengthy crypto keys that are impossible to remember and scary to use during high value transactions.

We had a chance to chat with Thomas Carter, the only person to accurately predict the trillion dollar crypto market cap. He had this to say about Digital Names:

“DNS was a game-changer for the early internet and helped drive widespread adoption. DigitalNames.io is in a leading position to do the same thing for the blockchain internet and digital wallets. This is one of the most exciting investment opportunities we’ve ever seen,” says Carter. “It’s a pick and shovel business model and the gold is blockchain and crypto. So much so, we went all in and I’m the current CEO. We recently closed the Series A round and we are now preparing for the Series B later this month. We’re eating our own cooking, so to speak, using DealBox for its security token offerings.”

Carter predicts this industry will be larger than the Domain Name Service industry, which currently grosses about $6 billion a year. GoDaddy, one of the major DNS providers, has a market cap today around $13.3 billion. How can it be bigger than DNS? Carter remarks, “Well, in the future everyone won’t need a website url. Everyone will need a digital wallet address.” This new industry and market opportunity will mint the next round of companies like this, of which Total Network Services Corp is in position to take advantage of.

The recent success of Digital Names is due in large part to its applications above and beyond cryptocurrency alone. It solves a real problem for not only everyday cryptocurrency users, but anyone using a digital wallet and is simple to integrate into any blockchain-powered app or exchange.

Thomas Carter as CEO of Total Network Services (TNS)—creators of Digital Names—sees the success of TNS directly impacting the adoption of Digital Names as they both aim to make cryptocurrency and blockchain applications more easily adoptable.

“Data security, privacy and individual sovereignty on the current version of the internet are broken. TNS and Digital Names both strive to open the flood gates for blockchain technology to thrive. We recently filed a patent for a highly secure interoperable way to connect to both mobile devices and the internet of things using our proprietary technology stack. We are looking to the ICT industry and partnering with key players like the Telecommunications Industry Association to create new technologies that secure the global supply chain using the blockchain while creating an easy pathway to FCC compliance for telecom companies.”

Thomas Carter is the founder of DealBox, Inc. and CEO of Total Network Services Corp “TNS”. You can read about Thomas at “This FinTech Veteran Is Making Cryptocurrency Startup Funding Legitimate” or connect with him on LinkedIn

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