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Dream Again: Wildsamfierce Shop Delivers Inspiring Designs


f you go looking for inspiration, you just might find it at Wildsamfierce Shop. The creative hobby turned online fashion business is designed with dreamers in mind. Samantina Zenon is the woman behind the designs and founder of the online store. Originally hailing from Haiti, she has always believed that in her own skin, she would always win. Samantina and the team at Wildsamfierce hopes to inspire customers through original designs that affirm and provide positive energy to dreamers. Business entrepreneur Samantina has learned that personal success comes from the understanding that every dream is worth pursuing. “Even if you have to dream alone, keep dreaming,” the founder says. Her own dream birthed the unique business that is Wildsamfierce Shop. 

So what makes Wildsamfierce Shop so unique? The business’s interactive customer approach distinguishes this online store from others. Wildsamfierce Shop encourages customers to use their brand hashtag when posting pictures of their products. This allows customers to be featured on the business’s social media account and show off their purchase. “We want customers to feel empowered seeing themselves on our platforms,” says the Wildsamfierce team. “Our designs are inspired by dreamers and we want to give them a confidence boost wherever we can.” Customers can also sign up for the Wildsamfierce Newsletter to receive promotions, new products and sales directly to their inbox.

Wildsamfierce Shop boasts hundreds of designs for consumers to be excited about. The business’s home page displays a wide range of products from statement accessories to clothing to home decor. Each product is personally designed by the founder with the dreamer in mind. “We have a variety of items to help you make your trendy fashion statement,” says the Wildsamfierce team. “If you’re dreaming of beautiful decor pieces for a specific space, you’ll love browsing our home and office lines. Your home is your sanctuary; you should aim to attract positive vibes at all times.” The online layout is accessible and effortless to navigate, with each category anchored to the top of the page. Item descriptions display the high quality of the products so consumers can feel confident with their purchase. Checkout is a breeze as the online shop accepts all major credit cards, Paypal and Amazon Pay. Now we’re talking! Shoppers will love to hear that Wildsamfierce Shop also offers account creation, free shipping, and direct contact to the team. You can actually talk to a real person? Who would have thought!

Real people inspire these real designs. A favorite of returning customers is the statement piece section. These pieces range from hats and masks to fanny packs and phone cases. Each product is uniquely designed with vibrant colors and catchy phrases that are bound to draw attention and… create a statement. All products are well-priced for the unique designs and quality items the customer receives. What more could you ask for?

As she looks back on where she started and where she finds herself today, Wildsamfierce Shop founder Samantina is grateful that she kept going. If she could say anything to others who are in the process of making their passions a reality, it would be to focus on building a strong foundation. “That’s what is going to make your business successful,” shares Samantina. “The reality is, it takes years to build a business and many times you won’t make money for the first few. But if you stay true to your foundation and put in the work, it will happen. Don’t let fear steal your dreams!” Samantina won’t sacrifice her unique designs just to meet the status quo. Instead, she hopes to transform the fashion industry through bringing something new to the table. 

If you’re looking for inspiration, Wildsamfierce Shop is your destination. Through original designs that affirm and provide positive energy to shoppers, this business goes above and beyond expectations. From the clean website layout and interactive customer experience to the quality of the items, this dream business is inspiring people everywhere to raise the bar when it comes to fashion. Founder Samantina has learned that personal success comes from the understanding that every dream is worth pursuing. Wildsamfierce Shop proves that this pursuit was worth it.