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Eddie Neam, aka DJ Flip, to Make a Major Appearance on SoundCloud and Other Music Industry Platforms


Eddie Neam, known as DJ Flip to his club fans, has announced that as he prepares to drop new projects, he is jumping into a different lane, one that will take him beyond hip hop and into EDM. “I’ve decided to work with a few EDM producers and to start doing a few trap and dubstep remixes and singles,” Eddie reveals. “I’ve been in the hip-hop scene nearly all of my career, and I’m ready to go with something that has crazier energy. I am a high energy club DJ when it comes to my sets, and when I see EDM DJs perform on stage, it’s just a different lifestyle from what I’m used to. I love that rush!”

Eddie is known in the DJ world as someone who likes to take artistic risks, and he doesn’t disappoint now. “To develop my new sound, I’m currently working on a new single as well as an EP. This will be different for my DJ Flip fans, who mainly like hip hop and West Coast sounds. I think they’re going to love what I’m doing, but it has meant that I have had to recreate my brand and start from scratch. It’s been worth it, though, because I’m really enjoying this new energy that I really wanted to be a part of. I can’t complain!”

Eddie says that the best part about creating in the EDM lane is that he can bring his artists that have no limitations to what they can create and merge his side of hip hop with EDM remixes of current songs. “That gives people a refresh of the song and means the next generation will be able to enjoy that timeless sound,” Eddie relates. 

As Eddie’s career continues to take off, it’s interesting to remember how he got started in a business that chews up and spits out thousands of people every year. “Only seven years ago, I was broke and had nothing,” Eddie remembers. “My dad had died, and I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life. All I had was my passion for music, and I knew I wanted to give it everything I had.”

Eddie’s DJ career began at house parties, which led to the club scene. “That was great for me because that’s how I was discovered by local radio stations,” he relates. “I was only 21 when I started as a professional on-air DJ.”

It was an exciting time in Eddie’s life because on the radio, he started breaking records. “When I broke PARTY NEXT DOOR’s ‘Come and See Me,’ I started getting recognition from music record promoters. That was the start of a new lane for me.”

Eddie began building relationships with the promoters and impressed them with his genuine desire to learn how to get into the industry and work with major artists. He wanted to know everything about the business, including how all of it pulled together for the artist to get the deal. 

“Those were some awesome days,” Eddie says, enthusiastic. “I was learning how to be a producer, and I met some important LA connections. I really got into it all on a deeper level and started producing and making radio edits, including for record labels like Death Jam Recordings and Interscope Records.”

That experience would be crucial when Eddie helped Kanye West clean a whole album in only 2 hours. “Death Jam asked me if I could do it that fast so it could be played in New York. It would take most people a day or even a week, but I got it done!”

Death Jam Recordings was impressed, and Eddie received an invitation to visit LA anytime he wanted. “I couldn’t turn that down, of course!” Eddie states. “I ended up leaving my mom, my girlfriend, and my radio station to travel all the way by train from Cape Coral to LA.”

His time in LA was fantastic. “I didn’t get a job with Death Jam, but I got something even better – the chance to come inside a major record label and see how things are really done. That helped me build a network, and eventually, I helped major artists, including Tyga, whose record Taste I broke. I also helped Empire, a record label, promote that record. I received a plaque for that, and that opened major doors for me. That’s why I am where I am in this industry.”

Today, as Eddie prepares to move into EDM, he feels confident about where his career is going. “I’ve taken some risks in this industry, and they’ve all paid off,” he says, thoughtful. “I am who I am because I haven’t settled in my life. Remember, though, that at heart, I will always be DJ Flip.” He pauses, then grins a little. “He’s a cool character, and he’ll never disappoint his fans.”

You can follow DJ Flip on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/djflipofficial