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Empowered Women: Shaping the Future


Women comprised 20% of all directors, writers, producers, executive producers, editors, and cinematographers working on the top 100 (domestic) grossing films. Because there is a lack of women in the industry, stories are not being told through a women’s lens. With women representing 50% of movie watchers, there’s a tremendous gap in the industry yet to be fulfilled. 

Christina G. Rose, the CEO of MirrorWater Entertainment and an independent filmmaker, is working to fill that gap. She has created an exciting new docu-series EMPOWERED: Women Shaping the Future, which follows six young women who are making a significant impact serving in leadership roles in primarily male-dominated industries. 

Empowering Stories

Each episode features these remarkable women and tells their story of heartbreak, determination, and an extraordinary drive to succeed. 

Christina elaborates, “We follow Marie Rose, a remarkable young woman with the courage to endure harsh weather and sea conditions, living in a remote fishing village, frequently inhabited by bears, to run a salmon fishing business in the middle of nowhere Alaska.”

She says she realized this was a male-dominated industry as soon as she started looking for a job. She considers herself fortunate to have found a rare situation, working for a company that women have historically dominated. “I found a community of women within a male-dominated industry, and it’s just been an incredible experience,” she says.

Christina Rose continues, “We also follow a German Ph.D. astrophysics, Suzanna Randall, who is determined to be the first German woman to fly into space from her base in Munich. Randall says, “My curiosity has always driven me. People thought I was crazy for wanting to be the first woman on Mars. I just assumed that a man would be the first person.”

Vivian Keszthelyi is a determined Hungarian formula three race car driver willing to mix it up with men going breakneck speed on a racetrack. She knew from a young age that she wanted to pursue racing as a career. Her parents suggested she choose another sport like dancing, but she refused. After being accepted to a racing academy, she knew she could do just as well, if not better, than the other male drivers. 

In Puerto Rico, Diamilette Quiles Alicea manages a girl’s softball team, teaching them life skills to carry them beyond the baseball diamond. She was asked to play in the men’s team, and she knew that to be successful, she would have to be tough. She grew up playing with her brother and her father. There weren’t opportunities for her to play baseball. 

Tiaynyi Lu is an orchestra conductor originally from Shanghai, China, who travels the world to share her love of the complexity and beauty of music. She did not know that a woman could be a conductor for a career. She said she hadn’t seen any female conductors. 

Anny Divya is a confident, determined, and defiant Boeing 777 command pilot from Mumbai, India, the youngest woman to command the largest single-engine jet in the world. When she was growing up, people would comment that her parents were spending a lot of money investing in a girl, but her parents were supportive. She trusted in her dreams, and it paid off. 

Shaping the Future

These six remarkable women have faced unbelievable obstacles to achieve their goals. This docu-series offers fascinating insights into how they could achieve so much by following their dreams. These extraordinary women are not just shaping the future of our society; they are the future for the world. They have shown the courage to go where others have seldom been in our professional world. 

What is unique about this docu-series is that it is not just about the professions they have pursued, but what got them there and the resistance they faced. Despite the biases they had to overcome, they are giving back by telling their story. 

Christina Rose

With the filmmaking industry still underrepresented and far from giving women a fair shot, Christina Rose was told many times that this series wouldn’t attract an audience. Rejections, however, didn’t stop her. With a diverse crew, she pulled off the impossible and created a series that not only teaches women to take on challenges but inspires and empowers anyone who’s ever been told they aren’t good enough.

These six women are becoming the example for today’s women—women of all backgrounds, races, and beliefs. Christina emphasizes, “They are giving back to their community, country, industry, and women everywhere. They do not sit on the sidelines. They do not shy away from a challenge. They are not driven by money, fame, or glory. They are just ordinary women doing extraordinary things in professions where few women have dared to tread.”

The belief has been that women can’t be race car drivers, baseball players, orchestrator conductors, command pilots of large aircraft, astronauts, and owners of fishing businesses. They did not receive the memo saying not to apply.

But how can you see it if it’s not on a major platform?

“We are currently hoping to partner with women’s organizations around the world and will hold another special screening for International Women’s Day in 2022. It is also available for streaming on MirrorWater Entertainment for those who can’t wait.”

I highly recommend checking out the series for yourself for those who cannot wait, as it’s worth every single penny. In today’s times, mixed with feelings of paralyzed negativity and groundhog day on repeat, this series will inspire and empower you. 

Christina Rose says, “It truly shifted my perception of myself and of what I’m capable of; I guarantee it will affect you, too. MirrorWater Entertainment needs to be on everybody’s radar as its slogan says: it is making waves by depicting global talent affecting our society today. These women are leading the way!”