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Eric Walsh’s Genius Academy: The Last Amazon Training You’ll Ever Need


The retail apocalypse, as ecommerce expert Eric Walsh puts it, is happening. Roughly 40% of the nation’s malls have closed since 2016 due both to the pandemic and to the increasing number of shoppers who buy online. As Eric states in his two-hour online preview of his Genius Academy Digital Master Class, Amazon is looking at turning some of these empty stores into order fulfillment centers. While this is bad news for traditional brick and mortar stores, it means that Amazon is continuing to grow, a great opportunity for those who want to earn money by selling products on its platform. Eric has spent the last eight years learning everything about how to maximize the Amazon cash cow and now runs both The Genius Academy and The Genius Academy Automation to empower other people to claim their share of it.

Eric says that contrary to what a lot of people believe, it is not too late to start an Amazon business. “Yes, there are a lot of sellers on Amazon, but you literally have the world as your customer base,” he states. “If you live in the United States, you can sell to someone in Canada or France and vice versa. As long as you put in the work each day to run your business and grow it steadily, you can earn a profit just like so many other people are doing.”

The advantages to selling online are numerous. “In addition to having a global client base, there is very little overhead,” says Eric. “You don’t have an actual store with rent or insurance for the building to pay. It’s all virtual, so already your expenses are much lower. It’s also a manageable business. It can be a full-time or part-time job or even a small side hustle. Your Amazon business will become as big as the time you are able to put into it.”

He often talks to people who like the idea of selling but are intimidated by the Internet and its lingo. “Don’t worry, I am not a tech person,” Eric says, laughing. “If you met me, you’d see that right away. I was not savvy, either, when I got started with this. I’ve done the work for you and understand how to be successful on Amazon, and I can teach you everything you need to know without any confusing terms. The people who attend The Genius Academy are actually all ages, so there is no one who cannot learn to be successful at selling on Amazon.”

To build and scale his own Amazon business, Eric worked for several years to build a proven formula that would lead him to success. “I studied the market for I can’t tell you how many hours so that I could discover products that sell consistently. That is definitely one key to maximizing your profits, and I teach you how to do this in my academy.”

In The Genius Academy, Eric teaches attendees how to monetize Amazon products, get organic traffic from Amazon to your own website, understand Amazon’s A-9 algorithm, source and negotiate with China, and monetize, among other topics. “It’s an A-Z course that will save you untold time, help you to avoid the errors I made when I first started out, and maximize your company’s profits,” says Eric. “You essentially get to look over my shoulder and understand how I became as successful as I am through my Amazon business. It’s invaluable information that will change how you earn your income and how you live your life.”

With Amazon taking 25% of online sales, Eric believes that it will only continue to dominate the online marketplace. “Amazon isn’t going away,” he says. “People around the world buy from it. There is no reason at all that you can’t have your own ecommerce business and increase your wealth by selling on it.”

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