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For Immediate Release Keep an Ear out for Big Greg’s debut Album G4


Rapper and musician Big Greg has his debut album ‘G4’ to be released on July 16th. The mature and heavy album captures themes and experiences of introspection and his life of love and his career. Connecting with his audience, he has signature heavy bars and smooth catchy hooks that take your breath away. He gets introspective on a few tracks, most noticeably on the title song ‘G4’ with the help of Chelsea Locklear, he gives you some insight into things he’s been experiencing during his rise in the music industry. He gets personal, speaking on his love life and record deal, but the ballad heavy song takes you to a place where you could see yourself taking a long drive with the top down enjoying the breeze as you reflect on where you have been and where you are going. 

Greg teams up with label mate LATRUTH for another joint that is sure to bang in the club, this is the part where you left the cookout, went home and changed, and now you’re back out with the crew looking for the best way to end your evening, “Hands Free,” is the soundtrack to that type of night. You can see the ladies going crazy, twerk contest, and just having fun and letting their hair down, this is a dope follow up to their collab on the smash single “Oh No,” which also keeps this vibe on the album. 

Big G shows his range on “Rockstar,” the heavy metal inspired beat, gives the (PLK) the room to talk his talk and show that he’s comfortable being in the spotlight and that he deserves to be there. Every artist needs to let you know who they are and why they’re the best at what they do, he’s having fun on this track, and you can tell, the flow is fire, the bars are lit, this is the type of track you listen to on your way to an event to make sure your confidence is on a thousand when you get there. 

As a 11 song album, you get a refreshing project that will give you a classic nostalgic hip hop feeling to take on the world. Feel empowered and triumphant like Big Greg as he drops the truth of his experiences and connects with his audience. As outside is opening back up, this is definitely one of the albums you want to have in your playlist. So hit play and hang out with your friends at a barbecue or a party. He sums his album up so nicely with the song “Yea Yea”, it’s the best ending and recap of what he has been going through and how he triumphed. Big Greg’s hard work and dedication is showcased throughout the entire project and his fans are going to truly appreciate the outcome.

You can stream Big Greg’s album on Spotify and Apple Music.

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