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Ghostwriter For Your Next Book Project


Writing a novel is possibly one of the best kept secrets that authors might not want you to know. There are a number of aspects to publishing a book and there are so many aspects to writing and editing and discussing the business end of things. For the excitement of getting your work out there, maybe you are overwhelmed by the process of starting, finishing, and then editing your book for the world to see. 

If you are nervous about it, maybe you should look into ghostwriting to help you stay whelmed, comfortable, and get your great ideas out there! With so many people and places to choose from, go with a reputable publishing firm you can trust. “People want someone to ghostwrite for them because they are sometimes nervous about their own writing, or they don’t believe that they can finish it,” professional ghostwriter Mike Walsh says. As a North Carolina native, he knows the ins and outs of not only a good story, but a worthy client. “I have worked for a few clients that knew what they wanted, gave me the idea and even some direction, and then left me to write their story. Those were my favorite experiences because I had a lot of freedom and they left me alone,” he laughed.

Ghost writing isn’t for everyone, but those that are can make a hefty salary.Ghostwriting is probably much more common than you think. If you’ve never been involved in a ghostwriting partnership before, you might have a few questions and many are open to answer those question and provide some good answers.

There is a good chance that, if you’re an avid reader, you’ve read a book or two that was written by someone other than the author whose name is on the cover. Writing a book is hard work and it’s something that not everyone is cut out for. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have a book inside them worth sharing.

Anyone can hire a writer, paying them to put pen to paper. The process is different each time, but the results are the same: a new book is made available for the world to consume. A ghostwriting arrangement is a business deal, not unlike many other product manufacturing business deals that happen every day.

Writing a book is not an easy task and you may be wondering why anyone would take on such a grueling project only to give it away and not get credited for all their hard work. There are plenty of reasons ghostwriters choose to remain behind the scenes. Being a successful author takes more than just a great book. There is a great deal of work in sales, marketing, and business operations that need to happen in order to make a book a success. Many writers are not interested in going through all of that for themselves and would rather simply agree on a set price for their work.

When you’re hired as a ghostwriter, your payment is set and guaranteed in the contract. You know exactly how much you stand to make from the deal. As an author selling your own book, how much you make is dependent on how many copies you sell, which has no guarantee at all.

Some writers appreciate the inspiration that comes from working on someone else’s idea, and others thrive on deadlines and having someone else to answer to. Some writers do publish under their own names but love the challenge of writing for diverse audiences, which they don’t necessarily want their name to be associated with. Whatever their reason, rest assured that ghostwriters love what they do, and are properly compensated for their services.

Mike Walsh is a ghostwriter based out of North Carolina and is always looking to write a new story. He can be reached at 704-885-6652 weekdays at his studio and firm located in Charlotte, NC.

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