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Hertelendy Wine – Elegant and Refined


Having had his first sip of wine at just age six, Ralph Hertelendy’s life’s work can be summed up in what he has done for the wine industry. As the owner of Hertelendy, he has brought elegance and refinement to winemaking. Sourcing the best grapes available in Napa Valley and beyond; Hertelendy has proven to be at the forefront of the wine industry and what it strives to be. 

Generations of winemaking practices go into making every batch of Hertelendy wine. Regardless of whether it’s their Cabernet Franc or Audere Red Blend, the taste of tradition is present in every sip. Built on the foundation laid out by Ralph’s great uncle, Gábor Hertelendy, the name has become synonymous with wine craftsmanship. Excelling at the difficult task of working with non-self pollinating grapes, the history of Gábor Hertelendy alone is a testimony to the quality one can expect from a Hertelendy wine. By implementing this standard of excellence in their work, Hertelendy promises a quality wine that can be toasted to this day.  As Hertelendy Vineyards continues on the path set out for them by previous generations, people can expect the same amount of dedication to craftsmanship and taste that so many enjoyed in years past. 

In winemaking, location is everything when talking about production. Everything from the soil quality to access to proper drainage, provides the necessary building blocks for a great tasting wine. As a vineyard, Hertelendy sits on the slopes of Howell Mountain and stretches out for over four acres. The quality of the grapes can be credited to the location of their vineyards as they sit on the best soil that Napa Valley has to offer. Rich with red clay, volcanic ash, and granite-like subsoil, the subliminal taste of Hertelendy’s wine comes from the merging of mountainside structure and valley floors. Even in its early stages, Hertelendy usage of volcanic soil has proven to be what ultimately sets them apart. By utilizing volcanic soil in their processes, it ensures that the grapes grown will produce the best tasting wine. It is this respect towards these valued principles that has allowed Hertelendy to continue to produce quality wines for generations. A taste that can’t be imitated, Hertelendy’s production standards soar far beyond those of their competitors. 

While their production has reached stellar levels, it’s the way they treat their clientele that has kept Hertelendy’s at the forefront of luxury. Offering options in club memberships, they have successfully redefined what it means to be an exclusive member in every sense of the word. Ralph will also host you at The Caves at Soda Canyon whenever he is available.

The offering of insight to private production events in addition to access to wines unavailable to the general public is how Hertelendy has kept the attention of wine connoisseurs interested and engaged. Accompanied with various ratings of upwards of ninety-nine points from accredited wine experts, Hertelendy has set new industry standards for fellow wineries to follow. In both manufacturing and client retention, their attention to every detail is how they are slowly revolutionizing the approach towards the wine industry.

As the wine industry continues to grow, it is worth noting that the steps taken in production are what will ultimately set wineries apart from each other. To prevent from blending in, Hertelendy has taken into consideration a level of exclusivity in regards to their wine production. Producing in small limited batches (only 1000 cases produced annually) in addition to how many clients have access to it is just the latest approach that Hertelendy has taken to preserving a sense of luxury around their wine. Scarcity creates demand, and Hertelendy has proven that to be unmistakingly true. 

By embracing tradition, Hertelendy has maintained the integrity of their wine. As the method of producing wine evolves, they know that there are no shortcuts. Just like the ripening of their grapes, Hertelendy knows that it takes time to handcraft a truly amazing bottle of wine. 

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