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High-End Vacations with The Time Fairy


Flor Kapitzky is an in-demand luxury travel expert, and through her concierge business, The Time Fairy, she sends her wealthy clients off on customized vacations that most people can only dream of. “I can plan some pretty amazing trips,” Flor says, “and they come back raving about how they didn’t have to do a thing except bring their passport, have fun, and relax.”

Her clients’ ability to take vacations that are truly rejuvenating comes from Flor’s meticulous attention to detail. “I plan everything,” she says, “including my clients’ destinations, the private jets they will travel on, the luxury hotels they will stay in, their reservations at 5-star restaurants, and each day’s activities. It is carefully customized from start to finish.”

Flor enjoys the little details that can stress so many people. “I have fun digging into all the things that make a good trip amazing. There isn’t one moment of the trip that I can’t plan for my clients. Everything goes off without a hitch when they travel with me.”

Before Flor became a highly sought-after trip planner, she worked at the Ministry Public Federal in Brazil after she graduated from law school. “It wasn’t my passion, though,” she says, remembering. “I wanted to do something more creative, so I then became a very successful owner of a jewelry company called Kapitzky. I enjoyed this, but I sold it to an investor so that I wouldn’t compete with their business. I was still drawn to the creative side of life, so I  went to Hollywood, where I was in a movie. I am now a model. Oh, and I am studying real estate. I am interested in everything and am very ambitious!” she says, laughing a little. “Everything about the world fascinates me.”

Flor turned to the luxury travel industry when she saw a gap in services. “People weren’t returning from vacations rested and energized,” she remembers. “That’s a real shame, isn’t it? I knew I could do something about this, so I created The Time Fairy, and I’ve been sending clients around the world ever since.” 

Each trip is customized to the clients’ personalities, desires, and interests. “I get to know them very well,” Flor says. “I find out what they’re interested in, where they’ve already been, what their dreams are. Based on what my clients tell me, I come up with a destination that will be everything they want to experience.”

Flor then really gets to work. She meticulously plans out itineraries, focusing on all the little details that make good trips sensational. “I’m the one you rely on to get those tickets to a concert that no one else can find,” she says. “If you want a private house on a beach in Tahiti, I can reserve that, too. I use the connections I’ve got around the world to create a trip no other luxury concierge can provide.”

The itineraries are not set in stone, however. One reason Flor is so appreciated by her clients is because of how flexible she is. “If you wake up one morning and suddenly don’t feel like touring London’s museums and instead want to go to Windsor or perhaps just walk around the city, I’ll set it up for you,” Flor says. “You always have the freedom to change your mind when the mood suits you.” At the end of the trip, when her clients return, Flor loves to hear about the wonderful time they had.

Flor has attained a high level of success with The Time Fairy, and she likes to use it to give back to others. “I love supporting two children in Africa through Child Fund,” she says. “It reminds me that no matter how far I get in my career, it’s important to use it to help those who need it.”

She also likes to support other entrepreneurs who are just starting out. “I know from my own life that the road new business owners are on is not easy. I tell them what I told myself so often in the beginning: never give up on your dreams. The Time Fairy may be successful now, but it was a little rough in the beginning just like it is with any new company. I kept at it, I did not give up, and I am now a premier luxury concierge.”

Flor believes the demand for her services will continue to grow. “Look at the times we’re living in today,” she says. “The pandemic has introduced a lot of uncertainty into people’s lives. There will always be a need for people to take completely worry-free vacations, and I will always be there to help them to do it.”