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Hip-Hop Star 201jah Gives Advice for Aspiring Artists and Performers


Jafet and the 201litnation brand are the brainchildren of 201jah, a rising hip-hop star with a unique perspective on success and how to reach it. Having built a thriving music career, 201jah wants to share a few nuggets of wisdom that he wishes he’d known or understood more clearly before starting his career. He hopes that this advice will make it easier on aspiring artists and performers trying to find their own path to creative success.

Keep a Clear Head

201jah believes that one of the most important qualities for an aspiring artist or performer to pursue is clarity. “Clarity is a criminally underrated virtue,” he says. He isn’t talking about clarity of meaning or clarity of style, but a personal, mental clarity that allows you to think creatively, strategically, and productively. As 201jah explains, “There’s a common misconception that creativity requires commitment at the expense of focus. Anyone who has ever forged their own creative path knows that both are just as important. To keep your mind clear and sharp, you should train your brain regularly and treat your body well.” He reminds us that this advice “…doesn’t just apply to musicians, performers, or creatives; it applies to all entrepreneurs who want to give their all to their work.”

Network Like It’s Nobody’s Business

201jah claims that, if it weren’t for his ability to network, he wouldn’t have the thriving creative career he has today. “Networking has allowed me to meet some amazing artists throughout college and on the court. They taught me to funnel my creative energy into music, and they helped me to find my own unique creative style. The people I came up with have inspired me to write music and collaborate with other aspiring creators and performers.” This leads quite naturally to his next piece of advice–

Surround Yourself With Creative People

201jah loves working with other artists, and he thinks that may be where some of his best work emerges. “I love the energy and the atmosphere of artistic collaboration, when everybody is giving their all to create something extraordinary. The collaborative spirit brings out the best in all of us.”

Expand Your Reach

With the rise of streaming services and other music distribution platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud, it is now easier than ever to reach audiences across the world. Jafet says that aspiring performers should take advantage of this era of increased mobility. “Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud — those are the places where we promote most of our music and drive traffic towards.” This ties into his advice on networking because “With definitive channels, we can help drive traffic to our closet networking connections with links/shout-outs once trust has been built between us.”

Put the Work In

201jah practices what he preaches. The 201litnation brand is all about working hard, finding success the right way, and having fun while doing it. It may be easier to publish and promote music in the social media age, but building a brand and cultivating a dedicated fanbase still requires quite a bit of work on the artist’s part. If you put the work in and earn your success with honesty and integrity, then you can enjoy the spoils. “That’s what the 201 life is all about,” says 201Jah.

Living the 201 Life

201jah is proud of his accomplishments in the music industry, and he hopes that by sharing his unique approach to life, music, and creativity, he will contribute to the success of a new generation of artists and performers.

You can find 201jah on the following platforms:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/201jah/  

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfqehotiZcT5tHlpBJnP6IQ/about 

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/201jah/1443933745  

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/56KWJk8VGpizGSP4zQwHNA?si=n7ixHPuhTxao4scfWPwgEg&dl_branch=1&nd=1