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HolyCows’ NFTs Sold Out in Five Minutes


Is the NFT craze here to stay, or is it simply a fad of the moment? As more NFTs enter the market, it is becoming apparent that they are, indeed, cementing their place in the online culture. While there are still people who are getting used to what, exactly, a “non-fungible token” is, the allure of owning a piece of history and knowing that it is unique is growing among many. Witness HolyCows, whose launch was successful, to say the least.

Since the $2 million sale of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s first-ever tweet in March of 2021, NFTs have been thrust into the spotlight. The success of NFT collections such as the Cryptopunks and the Bored Ape Yacht Club as well as upcoming initiatives like www.KB24.com  has inspired many other creators to jump on board. HolyCows, a boldly peculiar collection of NFTs, recently made waves in the NFT market by selling out their collection of 5,000 in just five minutes. This remarkable success demonstrates that the public is quickly growing to appreciate collectibles that are fun, clever, and original.

What are Holy Cows?

The HolyCows collection contains 5,000 unique Ethereum-based collectible NFTs. They are truly one-of-a-kind; each and every Holy Cow is wholly original, with an individual identity and singular style. The ranking class within the HolyCows collection consists of nine possible attribute categories. Unique combinations of these elements produce cows that have their own emotions, culture, apparel, and unparalleled personality. However, they all have one thing in common: they’re completely sold out.

After purchasing a Holy Cow in the initial release, they can be minted and added to the Ethereum blockchain on the HolyCows website. This digital certificate cements the buyer’s ownership on the blockchain forever, where it can never be edited or removed. Now that Holy Cows are sold out, they can only be purchased on the secondary market at Opensea.io. There, prospective buyers will also be able to enter for a chance to win prized HolyCows mints.

Why People Love Holy Cows

There are a lot of reasons to love HolyCows. For one, they are committed to fair distribution. There are no bonding curves or price tiers for Holy Cows; membership costs the same amount for everyone. Buying a Holy Cow, for the brief five minutes that they were available, cost 0.055 ETH.

If you think Holy Cows are just images, think again. When you buy a Holy Cow, you take home a piece of media history. Ownership not only guarantees the buyer full commercial rights to use the file or image in any way they’d like, but a HolyCows membership includes a wealth of perks and benefits reserved only for members. 

HolyCows is more than an NFT, more than a picture, more than a company, more than an idea; HolyCows is a way of life, one of fun, individuality, and humanitarianism. The HolyCows community upholds a philosophy of tolerance, welcoming users of all shapes, sizes, cultures, and backgrounds with open arms. HolyCows will also be donating 1% of its profits to the Save the Children fund, a humanitarian aid organization helping children around the world.

A Happy Future for Holy Cows

After a long and careful process of collaboration and planning for marketing strategies, HolyCows is enjoying the fruits of their labor — but that isn’t stopping them from setting their next big project in motion. According to the HolyCows website, discussions with popular communities, companies, agencies, and influencers are already underway. They expect to release updates with details about their new endeavor over a period of weeks. Whatever their next project may look like, we can be sure that it will be bold, unique, and successful.

For more information on HolyCows, please contact Doug Snoo at [email protected].