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Home Family Care Strives to Give Their People The Best


Family care is far more than just a business. It’s about the very two words in the description: family and care.

Home Family Care understands what people mean to their families, and aims to provide the best possible experience to serve them.

This is what it means to give people the best.

Home Family Care offers first-class home care services. The staff consists of dedicated licensed caregivers available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Home Family Care employees represent every race, ethnicity, creed, religion, sex, and family status. 

Company Overview

Home Family Care provides services for children, adults, and seniors in the five boroughs of NYC and Nassau. The company has been committed to offering superior in-home services for over ten years. Founder, Alexander Kiselev, states, “It is our mission to give our clients a sense of security and to help them maintain their independence and dignity.”

Individuals or families who are confronting serious illnesses or disabilities need in-home caregivers that can offer additional support. Alexander Kiselev states that one of the healthcare industry’s biggest problems is securing those with chronic illness and other conditions the care they need to remain independent.

Home Family Care recognizes the individual needs of every situation and is committed to providing the highest quality in-home healthcare services. Alexander Kiselev emphasizes, “We believe that clients and patients deserve home care services delivered with compassion, empathy, consideration, awareness, quality, and dependability.” These qualities are the center of Home Family Care’s core values.

When patients return home after leaving the hospital setting, they are leaving an entire medical staff. It is the job of the in-home caregiver to support and interpret instructions to ensure the proper care and treatment of the patient. The nurses at Home Family Care are invested in understanding the details of every treatment plan, including medications, therapy, and rehabilitation serves.

From the Comfort of Your Home

When patients leave the care of their physician, caregivers are expected to maintain a safe environment. By providing in-home healthcare, we are dedicated to decreasing medical costs and improving health.

According to Alexander Kiselev, “Dangerous conditions in the home can lead to needless or preventable hospitalizations. Home healthcare is meant to optimize treatment plans, decrease costs, and minimize or prevent hospital stays.”

To ensure this, caregivers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide the additional support needed to care for patients with illnesses or disabilities. “We only hire staff who share our core values,” Alexander Kiselev states. “We believe in acting in the interest of the patient and in being responsive, reliable, and transparent in all aspects home of care.”


A staff supervisor is assigned to every client to coordinate and schedule services. The staff supervisor initially assesses the patient’s needs based on the current physician’s recommendations and then plans to deliver personalized in-home care services. After the patient has confirmed the plan, home health aides are then supervised by registered nurses to guide patients through their individualized healthcare plan.

These plans include assistance with showering, walking, dressing, and light physical exercise. The goal is to provide patients with solutions that aid them in recovery, or if needed to provide hands-on assistance to make life easier.

The staff supervisor then monitors the client’s plan to ensure all clinical care expectations are met according to the client’s plan. In addition, Home Family Care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with highly experienced on-call supervisors.

Nurses and Staff

Home Family Care offers various services, including personal care or health aides supervised by licensed nurses, support staff, homemakers, skilled nursing (RN, LPN), therapy (PT, OT, ST, MSW), geriatrics, etc pediatrics, and rehabilitation.

Support Services

Home Family Care offers a broad spectrum of services related to facilitating the best quality of at-home care. This includes non-medical support services such as laundering, light housekeeping, grocery shopping, and even meal preparation. “We want the lives of our patients and clients to drastically improve with the care of our staff,” Alexander Kiselev states. “We want patients to thrive in an environment that is conducive to their particular needs.”

Arranging Services

In an attempt to cover every aspect of home health, this is a service we pride ourselves in. We will coordinate reimbursement for in-home services – from long-term healthcare, workers compensation, private health insurance companies, auto insurance, HMOs, VA benefits, Medicaid, and other government-funded health care programs. Home Family Care also participates in Medicare and Medicaid programs.


CDPAP is a Consumer-directed personal assistance program. The program allows the consumer a choice in who they would like to assist them. The program was founded by the office of Medicaid by the city of New York.

Who is eligible to participate in the CDPAP program? 

To participate in the CDPAP program, you must qualify for Medicaid and be eligible to receive long-term care through a long-term care plan (MLTC). After eligibility and hours of service are approved from the MLTC program, the consumer will need to appoint two personal assistants.

The consumer is required to have two personal assistants, such as a member of your family, a friend, or a relative Consumer cannot appoint a spouse or the designated representative. It is imperative that the consumer feels comfortable with the person appointed to care for them and that the assistant can carry out daily activities needed for the care of the consumer.

Advancements in Long-term Care

Home Family Care takes pride in using Carecenta, the most advanced long-term care management software. Since 2013 Carecenta has provided Home Family Care with a complete one-stop solution in patient management, home care visit scheduling, compliance, billing, payroll, and reporting. 

Carecenta’s advanced and user-friendly electronic attendance verification allows home health aides and consumer assigned aides to get paid weekly. Carecenta is industry-leading enterprise software that has proven itself to simplify users’ workload while at the same time boosting productivity.

Home Family Care is responsible for coordinating all matters that relate to the forms of employment for each personal assistant, keeping a confidential file for all records of personal assistants, and ensuring that there is a second backup personal assistant registered with Home Family Care in case the primary assistance is not available. For more information, visit: https://homefamilycarenyc.com/