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How Priyanka Jariwala Is Using Physical Therapy To Transform Lives


Do you know that about 340 million occupational accidents and 160 million work-related illnesses occur around the world each year? What about the fact that about 3.5 million sports-related injuries and 4.4 million road accident-related injuries are recorded in the United States annually? These mishaps not only put a dent in people’s productivity, but they also threaten their mental health and good living in general. However, there is good news. People like Priyanka Jariwala PT, MS are striving to save the situation with physical therapy.

Priyanka works as a physical therapist specializing in orthopedics, sports injuries, and human kinesiology. She essentially helps persons who are recovering from illnesses or injuries regain their prior level of function. “My clients are usually people who have had injuries, age-related conditions, or have been in an accident. These include vehicular accidents, sports accidents, and work-related accidents. My job is to restore as much mobility, balance, physical strength, and range of motion as possible.

Priyanka practices at Performance Rehabilitation, a physical therapy clinic based in Yonkers, New York. The clinic provides a wide range of therapeutic services to clients. These include telehealth, orthopedic rehab, hand therapy, spine care, work steps, and work rehab. The services are designed to alleviate pain, restore function, build strength, and restore mobility after surgery, sports injuries, or age-related joint conditions.

According to the management of the clinic, they do not use waiting lists. They schedule patients within 1 to 3 days of booking in order to avoid overcrowding.

With Priyanka’s help, Performance Rehabilitation is making a real impact and earning widespread recognition. In 2021, the clinic was named the Best Physical Therapy Clinic In Yonkers by Expertise.com.

“My boss, Steve, has placed his trust in me. Clients of Performance Rehab have placed their trust in me. I am not about to let them down. As much as possible, I will strive to meet and beat expectations,” she assures.

Priyanka’s colleagues have described her as motivated, client-focused, and caring. That explains why she earned a spot on ThreeBestRated’s list of Top 3 Physical Therapists in Yonkers. “Honestly, I felt honored and humbled to make that list,” she remembers. “I will always give this job my 100% every day. I feel my clients deserve that much.” 

On the significance of the physical therapy industry, Priyanka believes it has a lot to offer society. “I feel it is an important part of healthcare. I think physical therapists, in general, play a huge role in the daily lives of their patients. That is why I am eager to participate in more education programs to promote the profession and share the importance of the work that we do. I would also like to be a part of an outreach program to spread awareness about common conditions which can benefit from a successful physical therapy rehabilitation.”

Priyanka Jariwala earned her Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from Pravara College of Physiotherapy in Loni, India, in 2008. She went on to get a post-professional Master of Science in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences with a focus on Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy from the University of Pittsburgh.

Priyanka has come a long way, and she plans to go even further. Her advice to young people is to not be deterred by failure. “Success is not far-fetched. Just make sure you keep pressing forward. Shut out all the noise and listen to your heart. Keep going and you will eventually reach your destination,” she encourages.

For more information on Performance Rehabilitation, including how physical therapy works and how you can invest in the company, please see https://www.performancerehabny.com/