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Katy Perry Claps Back After Luke Bryan Trolls Her For Not Shaving Her Legs — Watchon May 11, 2021 at 1:35 am


New mom Katy Perry has bigger worries than if she missed a spot while shaving her legs. After Luke Bryan teased her about leg hair on ‘American Idol,’ she said she’d rather cuddle her daughter.

Leg hair, don’t care! Katy Perry would much rather spend what time she has in her busy life with her eight-month-old daughter Daisy Dove Bloom than making sure her legs are silky smooth. The 36-year-old shared a fun off-camera American Idol moment to her Instagram stories on May 9, when her fellow judge Luke Bryan, 44, pointed out a line of dark stubble along her right calf. The “Roar” singer had her leg propped up on her table, and the slit in her white pant leg exposed her skin.

“I know you’re a mom and everything, but we’ve got to do something about this leg here,” Luke told Katy, as she panned away from him to look down at her leg and show where she’d missed a patch of hair while shaving. “No! I don’t got time! I’d rather cuddle with my daughter,” Katy yelled back in a high pitched voice. She also wrote, “#MOMSKNOW” across her IG story video.

Fans wouldn’t have noticed Katy’s legs, as she wore a gorgeous black and white pantsuit on the Mother’s Day evening telecast. It consisted of a long white blazer and pants, which had small slits coming up to mid-shin that helped show off her open-toe strappy black heels. Her ensemble featured a wide black corset across her mid-section over the blazer, with strips of boning going past the top and bottom of the garment.

Katy Perry and Luke Bryan
Katy Perry and Luke Bryan laugh about something other than her leg hair during the May 9 ‘American Idol’ telecast. Photo credit: ABC.

The “Dark Horse” singer had previously revealed on Idol that she was no longer terribly concerned about her leg hair care routine ever since she gave birth Daisy in Aug. 2020. On the show’s Apr. 4 episode, she gushed to contestant Cassandra Coleman, “Your voice is a spiritual experience, It is otherworldly, angelic. As a new mother, I don’t have very much time, so I quit shaving, but when you sang, the hair on my legs grew an inch and a half. Full body chills! It was amazing.”

Afterward, host Ryan Seacrest jumped in to add, “I tell you, Luke was checking to make sure you were telling the truth while talking.” Katy then lifted her right leg up onto the table to give her fellow judge a closer look.  “She literally has leg hair!” Luke exclaimed, to which Ryan snarked back, “Thank you for the forensic report.”

Katy has proven that she’s kept up her leg shaving routines here and there. When the family went on a Hawaiian vacation in Feb. 2021, the singer rocked a purple one piece strapless swimsuit while hitting a private beach with her fiance Orlando Bloom, 44. The fair-skin on her legs appeared to be free of any hair or stubble. But since she was having a romantic moment alone with her guy while Daisy was being looked after back at their bungalow, the “Firework” singer might have stepped up her shaving or waxing routine.