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Over 1,000 People Say This Comfy Thermal Underwear Set Keeps Them Warm All Winter Longon February 25, 2021 at 8:30 pm


Unfortunately, the cold weather is far from over, so bulk up on your warm clothes for a great price! Shop this cozy thermal underwear set that has thousands of people raving!

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Whether you’re embarking on a ski trip or snuggling up at home in the midst of a snowstorm, a soft and cozy loungewear set is a must-have during winter months. Luckily, you don’t have to search for long because we have the best thermal underwear on the market for you to easily purchase right here! Over 1,000 people agree that DEVOPS Women’s Thermal Underwear Top & Bottom Set get the job done. Coming in a rainbow of six cozy colors, these thermal underwear will keep you warm all winter long.

Buy the DEVOP Women’s Thermal Underwear Top & Bottom Set here for $16.98.

Made up of polyester and spandex, this soft set is micro-fleece lined and made up of a tech fleece fabric that provides maximum comfort, softness and heat insulation. The 4-way stretch in the set delivers excellent elasticity and durability for maximum mobility, whether you’re skiing or snowboarding, or just lounging at home. At the same time, the moisture-wicking thermal underwear converts moisture to heat to help increase warmth and blood flow. True to size, the DEVOP 2-piece thermal set are ultra soft, warm, comfortable and great to wear at home or add an extra layer of warmth under your clothes!

If you don’t believe us, the over 1K reviews on Amazon tell the whole story! “I’m normally a cuddl duds girl but last year I put them away so well I couldn’t find them when the snow came so I ordered these to get me thru until I found my duds again. I was happily surprised with how nice they are. I paid less than 1/2 what I pay for cuddl duds. These are a nice weight. I was expecting thin and flimsy for the money I paid but they aren’t that at all. Sizing was perfect. Arrived quickly. Colorfast and washed well,” one 5-star rater wrote. Another shared, “So I am a super huge fan of this brand! Came across the thermal shirts last year and they became a staple in my outfits. I’ve ordered several thermals and sets this year and I’m not disappointed. Not only do they wash well and won’t lose the softness but they will keep you warm throughout the day. I have incredibly sensitive skin and am always cold but I am able to live comfortably in this. The shirt in the set is slightly different than the thermals in that it’s a crew neck however pairs well as a base layer! Whether you are using this to run in negative temperatures (which was what I originally bought the thermals for, and they excelled!) working or lounging, you won’t be disappointed!!”

A tough, but fair reviewer gave this thermal underwear four stars, explaining that “It just insulates the current heat you have (but then again that’s what all base layers do lol). In the office, I would be “warmer” but not warm enough. But when I wore it under my sweatshirt and coat to shovel show in 30 degrees New England weather, I was sweating so much!” She added, ” At my day job I struggled with being so cold in my office despite how many layers I wore under my jacket/coat. I felt so awkward always wearing my jacket in a professional setting. It was at the point no one saw my business-casual wear. So I looked hard and found these! Both the interior and exterior material is amazing! The inside fleece is so cozy… makes me feel extra comfortable when I’m out… as if I am snuggled in my bed with a fleece blanket lol. The outside texture is somewhat silky smooth. This exterior texture is what definitely makes it more “upscale” than traditional “long john’s.” Long johns were always a struggle for me to wear under my leggings and definitely jeans because it’s like rubbing two “rough textures” together… a lot of friction and pulling and dragging. However, with this base layer, jeans, leggings, knitted clothing, etc just GLIDES right over it… this part is definitely 5 stars alone. I always hated wearing jeans because of how much the winds just rip right through the material but this base layer is my staple wear under jeans. It is extremely stretchy too, as you’ll see with my pics.” Try out the DEVOP Thermal Underwear Set for yourself and see what you think!