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Put an end to the damage from large financial corporations


If a person does not have adequate knowledge regarding finances and credit, they can be easily taken advantage of by large financial corporations and may end up in terrible positions for the rest of their lives. Many financial institutions want to take advantage of these people, but here’s one that works to help those victims repair their finances. Arian Eghbali is the founder and CEO of Enrich FInancial Inc., the first credit repair company in North America that is specifically aimed towards helping the Iranian community. Arian started out his entrepreneurial career as the director of a Canadian based company known as Nicholas Import & Export. In 2007, He decided to combine his passion for media with his superb leadership which is when he founded TMTV in Los Angeles, CA. With the help of Arians superior leadership skills TMTV became the first Iranian media outlet with a platform for public stock trading under Global Gateway Media & Communications Inc with stock ticker of GGMC in NASDAQ. Once he could see how much damage was being done, he started moving from media to finances.

While residing in Los Angeles, Arian was able to see just how many Iranians were handling credit and financial issues for the first time ever. He could see that these communities were being taken advantage of by the large American financial institutions due to their lack of knowledge about maintaining, managing, and utilizing their credit and finances. Many of these people end up with crippling financial damage that could last them their entire lives, which is why Arian decided to create The Credit Repair Specialist. This company was created to help the iranian community repair their finances, it was so successful that in 2010 it became Enrich Financial. The company gained traction quickly and it was not long until they were opening branches in San Jose, Irvine, Los Angeles, and Encino, and finally, Glendale, where Arian and his professional team primarily serve the company’s wonderful Armenian clients. He gathered all of the information that credit bureaus kept from everyone and published them for anyone who could not come to these branches in Arian’s book, Build Better Credit to Build a Better Life: Your Better Life Starts Here, was published in 2014 by Amazon. This book now has a five star rating on Amazon. Up to this point, Arian had already spent over five years working tirelessly to form his business and publish his book to provide proper financial knowledge for those being taken advantage of.

The reach of Arians interests are not limited, he is always working as a pioneer within many industries. In 2017, Arian founded Radio Jan, www.radiojan.com, it became the first Armenian Radio in the world based outside of Armenia. Even to this day, Radio Jan is the #1 Armenian Radio station outside Armenia and receives countless listeners every day. In addition to radio, Arian is also the founder and  CEO of the newsletter, Iran Mehr: the first weekly political newspaper in Los Angeles with a political theme in Farsi. Currently, Iran Mehr is distributed in California, New York and Texas. Arian has been able to take his entrepreneurial abilities and insert them into any business venture that takes on. He is very proud of the work that Enrich Financial has done and all the awards that they have received such as a recognition letter in 2015 from the President of the United States, Barack Obama. He has also been awarded other certificates and recognition letters from other American Politicians, such as Paul Korets, member of the Los Angeles City Council, Bob Blumenfield, the Los Angeles City Councilmember for the 3rd Council District, and Matt Dababneh, member of the California State Assembly. That is not the end of the awards that he has received, in 2016, Arian was awarded Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition that highlights his company’s invaluable service to the community and appoints Enrich Financial as the top credit repair company in Los Angeles. Enrich Financial has been led by Arian for over a decade but there is still plenty of room to grow and many more people who require financial assistance. A big time celebrity or the everyday person could all benefit from a properly made financial strategy provided by Arian. 

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