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ringID: The Best Way To Connect With Friends And Family


The rise of social media has made it possible to find new friends and communicate all across the globe and allows people to connect with loved ones in a more intimate way. This makes it easier to share new events in each other’s lives, has broadened horizons with digital travel, and has introduced a unique problem to the field: communication burnout. As the social media industry has grown, more and more platforms have cropped up to bring their own spin to the table, leaving users burdened with an overwhelming wealth of choice. ringID has offered an ambitious solution by creating an all-in-one social networking platform.

ringID offers a bevy of free features in order to meet the needs of individual users and to create a more comprehensive social media experience. Users can connect over video calls with HD video and noise-free audio. Text messages can be sent with stickers, or they can use the Secret Chat where messages will disappear after a set period of time. ringID also boasts a newsfeed where users can keep in touch with events in their loved ones’ lives in real-time.

ringID’s Unique Advantage over Other Social Networking Platforms

Engagement is key, and it’s important not to overwhelm users in the face of everything else they may face in their lives. The idea behind ringID was to create a platform for users to conduct all of their social activities in one place. Not only that, but it allows users to explore a new world of creation by engaging in ringID’s signature Interactive Live feature.

Though other platforms have taken advantage of the livestreaming craze, ringID has created a more curated experience, allowing users to more closely connect to influencers they know as well as support those closer in their lives.

Stay Connected with ringID’s features

There are over over 20 million active users on the ringID platform, and each one of them is taking advantage of the numerous features offered. Some of these include:

Friends list: Find your friends by their ringID username, email address, or phone number. Messages can be sent to all friends or just specific groups.

Voice and Video Calls: Users can stay connected anytime anywhere, and they can enjoy clear, high quality videos with crisp audio so that they can chat without fearing disconnecting or garbled conversations.

Messaging and Secret Chat: Senders can connect one-on-one through the built in messaging feature, but if privacy is a factor, ringID Secret Chat lets users send instant messages to recipients that disappear after a predetermined period. Users can engage in both secret and normal chat in the same chat window. RingID’s multimedia messaging service allows users to share audio, images, and videos. Users can also send stickers.

Live broadcasting: Users and influencers can enjoy the perks of livestreaming with ringID Interactive Live, but they can choose to with their friends or with the broader public. Broadcasters can also invite other users to join them using the voice and video calls. ringID coins allow viewers to send gifts, likes, and votes to broadcasters.

Channels: Many people all across the world have cut the cable on standard television and have turned to the digital frontier to find their entertainment. ringID provides users with the opportunity to watch live TV on their devices, so that they can watch their favorite programs wherever they go. While there are numerous free options, users can also enjoy premium content on any paid channel.

Marketplace: The ringID Marketplace lets users share their preferred products with others. If they find anything they like, they can read customer reviews and search ratings on linked products, allowing them a more transparent way to shop. Purchases are made through the platform’s built-in ringID Wallet.

These features are immensely popular among ringID’s expanding user base. And it’s easy to join. ringID is available as a desktop application and can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.