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Sports Agent Tanner Simkins: Smaller Agency, More Personal Attention


Complete SET Agency CEO and founder Tanner Simkins has a vast amount of experience to draw from when it comes to the sports industry. He has a passion and drive for the game; and as a licensed and certified sports agent, an entrepreneur, and author, Simkins knows the point spread better than anyone.

Here are several key factors that make his smaller and more personal sports agency stand out amongst its bigger corporate competitors.

Utilize Your Talents

Simkins has built a hybrid sports firm that deals in marketing, athelte and brand representation, business management, consulting, and digital services. 

Bring in Talent

Because Complete SET caters to all types of talent, from college athletes to musical artists, the agency has arms open wide to anyone with a dream and drive looking for representation. It’s easy to attract talent when you don’t restrict yourself to just one arena, after all. 

Keep Your Team Positive

Simkins points out that smaller agencies like Complete SET have the jump on their larger competitors. An agent with a smaller firm has the time and energy to devote more attention to each client, making them a priority. The positive workplace is a huge bonus that continues to drive productivity.

Stay Versatile

When it comes to mixing up the plays, Complete SET is at the top of the game. “We operate as a hybrid business agency,” Simkins says. “We deliver representation, digital services, consulting, financial management, and other advisory services. We believe in being as agile in our business as possible.”

Fast and Personal Service

Because Complete SET is a smaller agency, each agent has a limited roster of clients that they devote their time to – which means faster results and more customized options for every single client. “We have the ability to provide personalized services that bigger agencies can’t,” Simkins reveals. “We can really get to know each client and find out what they really want and how to make it happen for them.”

Find A Niche

Every agency has a specialty – and Simkins says that Complete SET’s is in its versatility. “You might be a professional baseball player,” he says. “We’ve got you. Or maybe you’re a student athlete looking to license your name, image, and likeness. We’ve got you, too. Or maybe you’re a small business owner looking to market yourself online via social media platforms. We’ve got you.” He says that being a smaller agency allows Complete SET to shine in a variety of different avenues.

Innovate More

 “We’re all about strategic innovation,” says Simkins. “We create blue ocean opportunities that add value to your bottomline.”

Website: https://completesetagency.com/

Email: [email protected]