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Stacked SCM: Lowest Prices in the Fulfillment Industry


Companies that are successful are those whose owners have experience in the industry and who are out to solve a problem. Nick Christie, Ian Yount, and Nick Andreas, owners of Stacked SCM, first started the company because they knew that with their ten years of experience, they could deliver the lowest prices in the industry and provide their customers with a superior ecommerce supply chain management solution for all ecommerce needs. The numbers have been impressive: in only three years, the company’s ecommerce syndicate has generated $30 million. “What’s equally important to note,” says Nick Andreas, “is that in 2020, when the economy tanked and so many companies saw their profits dwindle, we shipped over 750,000 packages.” Now, in 2021, Stacked SCM is emerging as the leading fulfillment center in the world.

“To save our customers money, we focused on details,” says Nick Christie. “One thing we prioritized was our ability to minimize order defect rates.” The company provides the highest quality shipping services, and its order defect rate is under 0.3% across 750,000+ fulfilled orders, meaning that customers save money due to fewer “fulfillment mess ups.” 

Stacked SCM also separates itself from most fulfillment centers because it utilizes a low pricing system that benefits the seller. Regardless of how many items a customer orders, they will never be charged for more than one pick fee ($1.70 per order). Removing excessive pick fees and using a pricing model allows Stacked SCM to provide sellers with not only better pricing but more accurate projected shipping costs. There are no hidden fees, and Stacked SCM does not charge customers for warehousing their items. 

Stacked SCM is also a preferred partner with UPS, shipping almost 150,000 orders per month. Its excellent postage rates can compete with any other fulfillment and sourcing service, and its shipping rates are 40% below the industry’s normal and beat Shipmonk, Shipbob, and Shipfusion. 

“We can also source and manufacture anything our customers need, including thousands of products from China, Thailand, India, United States, and Canada,” says Ian. With experience in finding winning products, the company has generated millions of dollars for its own ecommerce businesses as well as for its clients, who are able to take advantage of a true economy of scale at Stacked SCM. With over $30 million in revenue, the company is able to leverage bulk volume pricing to businesses for the most competitive prices the world has to offer. 

With the owners’ understanding of what ecommerce sellers value, they created Stacked SCM’s print-on-demand services, which give customers a leg up on their competition. It offers a wide variety of garment styles. In addition to clothing, the company can print on backpacks, hats, bags, and much more. By utilizing economies of scale once again, it has a unique ability to offer the best prices in the industry while maintaining its world-class quality. “We can do shirts beginning at $4.25 each,” Nick Christie says. 

To help its customers stand out and get repeat business, Stacked SCM helps them maximize the impression they make when their own customers receive their packages. Stacked SCM offers the ability to add content cards or branded packaging to any or all orders, free of charge. It also provides scented bags that lead to an unforgettable experience and repeat sales. Whether it’s a content card or sand from the Caribbean, Stacked SCM goes the extra mile to ensure customers get the best possible receiving experience.

“Stacked SCM goes the extra mile by offering benefits not found with other fulfillment centers. We offer our insights into what works and what doesn’t to customers completely free of charge,” says Nick Andreas. They have scaled 6 and 7-figure businesses on Amazon, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Shopify, Snapchat, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, DM Marketing, Ebay, and Etsy, to name just a few. By looking at a customer’s ADs manager, they can immediately point out a few tips that have helped sellers add up to 1000% to their bottom line. They have coached more than ten novice ecommerce sellers to become 7-figure ecommerce bosses. Once a year, Stack SCM hosts a meet up, growth meeting, and networking event at our ecommerce home base in the Colorado Rockies. Attendees talk, connect, and exchange knowledge with ecommerce buyers and sellers who have grossed millions. 

“The one thing we wanted when we formed the company was to be sure that our clients would profit from it, too,” says Nick Christie. “No matter what part of Stacked SCM I look at, I see ways for our clients to save money, so I know our vision has been realized.”

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