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Surviving Trauma: Exquisite Aesthetics Restores Client Confidence


Behind every scar is an untold story of survival. Scars remind us of pain we’ve pushed through; struggles we’ve overcome. For survivors of trauma, scars can be a symbol that points back to memories they’d prefer to forget. Whether it was conquering cancer, battling abuse or fleeing from fire, survivors are often left with the insecurities of physical damage and disfigurement. Exquisite Aesthetics is here to restore client confidence. This talented team led by founder, Shawny Ellsworth, provides a wide range of services from microblading and skin rejuvenation to repigmentation and scar camouflage. Exquisite Aesthetics understands that each client has a story and seeks to help them turn the page into a more fulfilling chapter.

Shawny Ellsworth knows what it is to author her own story. From a young age, she was fascinated with beauty and the medical world. She knew she wanted to run her own business and hustled to get it started. “I worked hard and pretty much built it from the ground up,” Shawny says of Exquisite Aesthetics. “I had very little direction or help from others. In fact I was surrounded mostly by naysayers.” Shawny says that hustle beats success and her attitude is truly what founded Exquisite Aesthetics. “I kept my head down and didn’t stop or listen to anyone. Now the same people who tried to talk me down from my dreams want to train with me.” 

Shawny’s hustle allowed her to find success in her business. However, she hasn’t forgotten the “why” behind what she does- her clients. “My clients are some of the strongest people I know,” shares Shawny. “I’ve had the honor of repigmenting after mastectomies as well as camouflaging scars from past abuse. I want to turn something that was once a painful memory into a beautiful display of art.” The team at Exquisite Aesthetics works hard to perfect their services, while also creating a safe and welcoming environment for clients. They know that clients come from impossible situations. The services are personal and so are the people involved.  

It was this understanding of survivor strength that sparked the survivor donation program at Exquisite Aesthetics. In this program, one individual a month is nominated to receive a free service. “There’s no greater joy than giving back,” says the Exquisite Aesthetics team. “These people have overcome so much and we do the little part we can in restoring confidence back to our clients.”

Clients certainly agree. One in particular, Julia, received a life changing service from Exquisite Aesthetics after overcoming breast cancer at the age of 43. There’s the initial shock of the diagnosis, but the thing Julia wasn’t prepared for was the identity crisis after her mastectomy. “I just didn’t feel like myself,” she shares. After several months of healing, Julia opted for reconstructive surgery for her breasts. “Cancer stole so much from me, but I was ready to take it all back. The surgery certainly helped in that process.” However, even after surgery, Julia wanted to perfect the results. So, she sought out the team at Exquisite Aesthetics. Following an in depth consultation, the team suggested their Areola and Nipple Restoration service. “They made me feel so comfortable and restored my hope that my breasts could look like they once did.” Several weeks after her service, Julia went back to the team at Exquisite Aesthetics for a follow up appointment. “I remember looking in the mirror and saying, ‘I’m me again. I can’t believe it. I look like me,’” shares Julia. Her story is one in a myriad of others who have found confidence after crisis through Exquisite Aesthetics. 

When founder Shawny reflects back on Julia’s process, she smiles. “Some people equate success to money, but to me, success is when you serve the one in front of you.” Shawny knows that others are in the business to make money as it can be a very lucrative career. However, she will always put her clients first. “If you focus on people, you will never lose your purpose,” Shawny shares. “That’s the goal. People are the goal.” 

Behind every scar is an untold story of survival. Whether it was conquering cancer, battling abuse or fleeing from fire, survivors must push through insecurities and trauma aftermath. Exquisite Aesthetics helps restore client confidence. This talented team led by founder, Shawny Ellsworth, provides a wide range of services that help clients feel like themselves once again. Exquisite Aesthetics is helping re-write stories and assist clients in turning the page into a more confident and full life.