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Taiba Sheheryar, Global Ambassador


Taiba Sheheryar is a Global Ambassador for Talent Portal Recruitment Training & Development (Pty) Ltd. in South Africa.

Taiba got involved because she believes deeply in the organization’s mission: to engage with youth in various communities and support their interests in fashion designing and clothing manufacturing.

“I am an ambassador because I really like the work the organization is doing,” Taiba explains. “I think it’s important to train and mentor the youth so that they can join the fashion workforce. How incredible it is that they get to develop their entrepreneurial skills and are coached in how to start their own businesses. Being employed is so crucial to a person’s self-esteem and self-sufficiency.”

As a Global Ambassador, Taiba participates in various development and growth projects. She raises funds for the organization’s incubator, which will give freelance fashion designers a place to work and equipment to use, increasing the money they will earn for their families. “I am also helping them showcase their upcoming online store. They are really implementing projects that will have a tremendous impact on the youth they serve,” Taiba says.

Taiba aims to lift up the youth by guiding them to have a vision for their own place in international fashion. “If my fashion skills can empower girls to earn money for their families so that they can eat and keep a roof over their heads, I am more than happy to help them. I will do everything I can to be a role model for them because I know how it feels to be weak and helpless under the pressure of social norms set for girls.”