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TENLEGEND® Expands, Combining Fashion and Football into a New Type of Brand


Chicago, IL – The gentleman’s fashion brand TENLEGEND® has launched its revamped website, now translated into 6 languages, and has hired on advisors from 4 different countries. Each advisor is a sports industry veteran, and several are former pro athletes or former members of the sports press. This is key to the brand, as it is based on a love of football (or soccer, as we know it in the US), and the brand identifies strongly with a sportsmans aesthetic.

TENLEGEND® was started by a group of football connoisseurs with a history of love for the game, as well as an innovative concept: to transform the football industry by offering a more elegant, mature, and luxury sports brand to the world.

As the company grows, it offers a broader line of timeless styles: dress shirts, polos, sweaters, leather accessories, and a vintage-style ball. Each item is designed to appeal to men who love the game and seek premium, high-quality clothing and accessories. The company’s signature number 10 logo features prominently on each product, another nod to the sports origins of the brand.

CEO and founder Tom George, a former pro soccer player in France, says that the number 10 – worn by so many legends of the game – has become synonymous with style, success and sportsmanship. “The number 10 represents a desire to create game-winning plays in life, orchestrate one’s destiny with perfection and style, and achieve greatness in all aspects of life,” says George.

The brand’s iconic logo displays the number 10 in a vintage leather pentagon ball panel, combining the essence of the game with the pride of wearing the emblematic number. TENLEGEND® aspires to build a global community of football lovers who appreciate timeless elegance and embody the spirit of the game’s legends.

George, who has over 20 years of executive leadership roles in marketing and brand development in sports, shares that he always dreamt of building this brand. “TENLEGEND® is an authentic brand that combines two passions, football and fashion,” George says. “We merge the elegance of the most iconic players in history into a unique and timeless lifestyle brand delivering best in class dress shirts, polos, sweaters and accessories, for gentlemen in love with the game.”

This is why it was so important that the company’s new team of advisors be composed of true sportsmen: former professional players, sports journalists, and even two world cup champions from France.

George adds that the brand’s team of gentlemen footballers combines a genuine passion for the game with an aspiration to feel, look, and be their best. “We wanted a brand we could relate to – a brand that promotes the values we believe in while honoring the legends we admire,” George affirms. He says that he saw an opportunity to deliver upscale products and content while promoting the classic ideal of a true gentleman.

“We believe that a gentleman plays to win, but always respects his opponent,” George states. “We exercise the same reverence in life for all people we encounter, no matter rank or status. The game remains an essential part of our souls, even when we no longer play.”

He adds that the  TENLEGEND® customer has a deep appreciation for beauty and elegance, and seeks timeless designs that will stand the test of time. The company’s revamped website pays close attention to the fine details, offering a thorough description of each of the brand’s products.

“Our mission is to deliver only the most elegant apparel to gentlemen in love with the beautiful game,” George says. “Our customer wants a well-crafted, authentic product that he can enjoy for life. He knows the importance of personal appearance in achieving success. The game is an essential part of his life, whether he still plays or not. This is the drive behind our brand, as well: gentlemanly values, true quality, and absolute authenticity.”

TENLEGEND® is a fashion brand inspired by football (soccer), offering upscale products and promoting a gentleman’s lifestyle through a holistic experience that includes a line of clothing, accessories, articles, and experiences. The company’s products include dress shirts, polos, sweaters, and leather accessories, all with the company’s signature number ten logo.

Website: https://tenlegend.com/ Contact Tom George: [email protected]