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The Founder of Vanquish Ventures Inc. Discusses the Effects of Medical Debt


Founder Lloyd Argame of Vanquish Ventures Inc. states that his company assists individuals with credit repair. “We work to remove medical debt for individuals that owe over 25k for free,” Lloyd Argame explains. “The best part is that they don’t have to pay it back.” Even with insurance, accidents can happen and deductibles are high. Not to mention, expenses associated with treating chronic conditions. 

Health insurance is an expensive but necessary cost that many of us factor into our budget. That said, it’s hard enough to build savings, much less a savings of tens of thousands of dollars dedicated to a medical emergency. When these large bills are not covered by insurance, the patient or their family is left with debt. These debts are then sent to collections. “This is where we come in and remove it for free,” Vanquish Ventures states.“We’ve removed over $10 million in medical debt in collections that people don’t have to pay back.”

Medical bills and debt are stressful and can cause a considerable amount of damage, leading to problems of instability, especially because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The stress has been further aggravated for people that have needed to be hospitalized. Without some kind of assistance, the debt will stay on your credit report and collections will continue trying to collect it. That’s why Vanquish Ventures works tirelessly to ensure they help as many people as they can clear their credit. The team answers as many as 800 inquiries a day from referrals. 

It’s not unusual for mistakes to be made when processing medical bills. It takes a lot of time and patience to understand the ins and outs of medical billing. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional to analyze your bill. Vanquish Ventures Inc. provides assistance that will help repair existing credit issues that are preventing you from getting approved for home loans, car loans, credit cards, etc. 

Lloyd explains that he is also able to remove medical debt from credit reports due to credit laws that are broken within the hospital system. Once we make collections aware, these agencies are forced to remove the debt from the patient’s report. “Most people are unaware of these laws and collection agencies take advantage of patients, forcing them to pay or garnish their wages,” Lloyd explains. Vanquish Ventures Inc. works directly with credit bureaus. Once the debt can’t be proven due to inaccuracies, the debt is deleted. 

Vanquish Ventures helps people get approved for home loans, car loans, credit cards, etc by repairing their credit.” The private company now has over 200 brokers nationwide and a solid sales team that is also dedicated to changing people’s lives. “We love what we do and the rewards that come with it,” the Vanquish Ventures says. “Everything you need in life revolves around credit.” Cars, homes, loans, credit cards all revolve around credit. “First, we ask for the client’s credit karma or Experian info, so we can look at their credit report and look for all the negatives, and then we put a plan together and go from there,” Lloyd explains. It’s that easy. “We are referral-based so it’s easy for people to trust us because they’re referred from someone they already know that’s gone through the process.” 

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