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‘The Little Mermaid’s Halle Bailey Rocks Burlap Dress To Film Famous Scene For Disney Rebooton June 22, 2021 at 1:45 am


Halle Bailey was pictured on the set of Disney’s new live-action film ‘The Little Mermaid’ on June 20, wearing Ariel’s infamous burlap dress.

Sensational! Halle Bailey, 21, gave fans a first look at a famous scene from The Little Mermaid while filming the live-action reboot of the Disney movie in Sardinia on Sunday, June 20. The scene being filmed was the one in which Ariel puts on a makeshift dress made from scrap fabric after her wish for legs is granted — just before she meets Prince Eric.

While on set, Halle walking around set in a blue protective face mask and wearing a shoulder-baring burlap dress designed by Oscar-winning costume designer Collen Atwood. She was also pictured wearing a ginger-shaded, waist-length wig to better embody the 16-year-old mermaid.

Halle Bailey
Halle Bailey is seen wearing a burlap-type dress while filming the reboot of ‘The Little Mermaid’. (BACKGRID)
Ariel wearing a burlap dress in 1986’s ‘The Little Mermaid’. (Disney)

Bystanders were also able to notice a difference in scene portrayals between the original 1986 animated film and this new live-action version. As fans know, once Ariel is granted her legs — minus her voice — she meets Prince Eric on the beach and is then escorted back to his castle. However, it appears that Disney is going for a change of scenery in this new take, as Halle was seen getting a lift into town in the back of a wagon.

Halle’s co-star Daveed Digs, 38, who will voice King Triton’s right-hand-crab Sebastian, told HollywoodLife exclusively that Halle was the right choice to play the titular role and that fans will understand why once they hear her sing. “I just think that Halle is just the perfect choice for Ariel…everyone is going to fall in love with her immediately,” raved the Tony-winner. “She is so, so good. Her voice is not of this world. The things she can do vocally is something — I have never heard anything like it.”

Filming of the movie was scheduled to begin in London in April 2020, but due to COVID-19, production was postponed. However, in November 2020, the Grammy winner confirmed to her Instagram followers that she would be returning to the set to continue filming very soon. When asked how different this film version would be from its 1989 animated predecessor, Daveed teased some details but refrained from giving too much away. “So, I think there are the new songs that are super fun,” the Hamilton star revealed.