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The Reason Behind Francesca’s Element Chatting With Potential Client Before Being Accepted As A Client 


Author: Anna Henz

DALLAS, TX – Transparency, quality, and community are the three keys to Francesca’s Element. One of the most important aspects of FE is its top-notch customer service. An informed client is a happy client so FE makes sure their clients are with them at every part of the process even before they book their spot. They want to set their clients’ expectations up for success, not a failure as some flowers can dry or react to resin differently than others.

FE is all about community and strongly believes that they shouldn’t have to convince someone to work with them. They choose their clients based on compatibility and their clients choose them for their talents, skills, and personalities. This is why they recommend potential clients reach out through social media so that any and all questions can be answered. FE also believes it is important to provide their potential clients with the opportunity to browse their portfolios. Every flower preservationist has their own style and design. It’s important for potential clients to connect with their work and the artist.

As the company has grown, FE is now a team of twelve extremely talented, hardworking individuals that thrive on creating beautiful pieces for their clients. Their attention to detail and creative skills make them the absolute dream team.

Francesca’s Element continues to expand its creative product lines and offers its clients serving trays, custom portrait paintings, bookends, jewelry, photo frames, and more. 

For more information on Francesca’s Element, please visit its website or contact: 

Francesca Mackey and Stephen Amiewalan

[email protected]