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The Rise of the Cryptopreneur Shared by Anet Janik


Cryptocurrency is no longer a fad that is being speculated upon as legitimate or not. Bitcoin has managed to weather the test of time, giving rise to a brand-new currency system with plenty of alt-coins in its tow. That’s probably why over 52 million people around the world are trading cryptocurrency today: they know it’s not going anywhere.

Beyond the ingenious technology behind cryptocurrency, or the fact that it’s an independent currency not tied to any world government or monetary system, crypto is doing more for its investors than keeping it busy: it’s making them rich.

Anet Janik can attest firsthand as someone who went from an $8.50/hour job three-years ago, to a cryptocurrency millionaire today. “In fact, after starting with Bitcoin in 2016, after just 18-months, I was able to emigrate to my country of choice and break free from the chains of my socioeconomic past.”

With Calculated Risk Comes Reward

“When people ask me how I could have ‘taken such a risk back in 2016 with cryptocurrency,’ I tell them that this was not a risk at all. Whenever I follow my intuition, I give into God/the universe and allow the abundance around me to make the right decision. I felt called to crypto, and my investment in Bitcoin and Platincoin has changed my life forever.”

Within the last four-years, Anet has introduced over 10,000 people to the world of cryptocurrency and the ways of a cryptopreneur. “I know what it’s like to be trapped by generational wealth gaps, as someone who grew up in a socialist regime with no access or money to my name. Crypto skips over all of that and allows people to make fair financial decisions that can – in my case – completely change their socioeconomic ranking.

As a parent myself, I understand the want and need to create a financial plan that is predictable and stable for our kids. We want to make wise investments that are trustworthy and lucrative. But, we fear that by placing an initial investment we may never get back, that we are in fact furthering the lack of money available for our kids – so that little voice in the back of our head tells us not to do it.

I have seen his apprehension stop too many people from benefitting from cryptocurrency. People are often unaware that the next financial crisis is no longer right around the corner – we are living in it right now.”

Freedom Resides Within Crypto

As a cryptopreneur and coach who helps women in charge of supporting their families to make crypto-related decisions, Anet shows as many people as possible that we are still in the beginning stages of this new kind of wealth. “That’s why I host one-on-one coaching sessions, helping my clients to learn to invest in cryptocurrencies so they, too, can become cryptopreneurs.

My online coaching is available to both men and women, where they can obtain all of the investment expertise they need in the Wild West of cryptocurrency. My team is also available for real-time chats, so people around the world can get in on the action instantly. I urge everyone not to delay, but to embrace the future of entrepreneurialism and investment.”