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Top 10 Facts about Michael Oher The Blind Side


Top 10 Facts about Michael Oher The Blind Side

Michael Oher story is very emotional. His biopic The Blind Side did extremely well in the cinemas and everyone loves the dramatic story of a black NFL player, who faced a lot of troubles in his life but managed to achieve matchless success. Michael Oher life story inspires many other people, who are making their way to the top.

Michael Oher used to live with her drug-addicted mother. At the age 16 Michael Oher’s life changed when he jumped into the world of football that revolutionized his life. Michael Oher’s unique family also played a vital role in his success. Michael Oher story is based on passion, determination and pain. The success of The Blind Side at the box office clearly indicates that Michael Oher is a living legend. (1)

He went through a lot of sufferings in order to live a good life. Michael Oher’s biography The Blind Side won Oscar award because movie successfully touched the hearts of many people. The Blind Side also played a vital role in improving the career of Sandra Bullock. Michael Oher praised the film but he was not completely impressed by the movie.

The film failed to do justice to the story of Michael Oher. Many things in The Blind Side were additional and inaccurate. Plus The Blind Side also failed to describe the major life events of Michael Oher that hold a lot of emotional value. Michael Oher didn’t get the success overnight. He made his way to the top with determination and patient. (2)

The Blind Side was based on the 2006 book, “The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game” by Michael Lewis. The film was written and directed by John Lee Hancock. The movie did incredible business and made $300 million at the box office. Sandra Bullock won an Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for her role in The Blind Side. (3)

The Blind Side is based on the story of Michael Oher known as “Big Mike” who used to play football in college. The Big Mike suffered from a serious injury in NFL game. He was over-sized boy and he was also physically intense. He faced all the odds successfully and became one of the most popular NFL players in the history. (4)

Top 10 Reasons Why Michael Oher Hated The Blind Side

S.J Size

S.J was not a very small child. In the Blind Side S.J’s job is to coach the Big Mike. In reality S.J is not a tiny little boy but in film S.J is very small. Even the second character Collins looks so small in front of Michael Oher. The physical sizes of the characters were completely different than reality. It is one of the reasons why Michael Oher was not impressed by The Blind Side.

High School

Getting into high school was not easy for Big Mic. Michael Oher teachers and coach were not rude to him. They were supportive but at the same time they were not extremely impressed by Michael Oher. Michael Oher’s initial performance wasn’t impressive and he was also shy and silent. But his teachers knew that he is talented.

Meeting with Sean

Sean Met Michael Oher because of her daughter. Sean Daughter first saw Michael and arranged a meeting between her father and him. Sean helped Michael Oher in creating his lunch account. But in the film sean notices Michael Oher at her daughter’s volley ball game when Michael Oher picks he used popcorn bags.

Leigh Anne Home Invitation

In The Blind Side Leigh Anne invited Michael to spend a night in her house when she saw him in the rainy night wearing shorts and t-shirts but actually it’s not a fact. In reality Leigh Anne met Michael on the road during Thanksgiving. It was a morning not the night. Leigh Anne didn’t invite him to stay at her house. She just took Michael for shopping.

Michael’s Family

Michael Oher was a homeless young boy. Michael stayed with many families before he bumped into Leigh Anne and Sean. He used to live with mechanic named Tony Henderson. Then he lived with five other families but he personally liked Leigh Anne and Sean. The film doesn’t display that and only focuses on showing Leigh Anne and Sean’s family.

Michael Nature

In nature Michael is shy and hardworking person who love to be aggressive in the field when he has to. But in film Michael is very composed and controlled person, which is not true. S.J was only eight years old boy who could hardly motivate and guide Michael during his training. It was Michael’s aggression and toughness that helped him to be an amazing athlete.

Tuohys’s Family

Tuohys Family welcomed Michael with open arms. The other family members including S.J, Collins and Leigh Anne were extremely nice to Michael. They didn’t have any problem with the big Mike. The family connected to Michael in no time. In the film S.J and Collins are shocked to see a new big brother but in reality they welcomed Big Mike with open arms.

White Walls Essay

In real life Michael wrote an essay with the name of “White Walls”.  Michael said: “I look and I see white everywhere: white walls, white floors, and a lot of white people. The teachers are not aware that I have no idea of anything they are talking about.” Michael didn’t like the school because he knew his destiny is something else. In the film teachers demands an essay but Michael failed to submit it.

Leigh Anne Racism

In the film the racism of Leigh Anne is not displayed. Leigh Anne was born in a racist family. Therefore, she was racist but she wasn’t mean to Michael. In the film Sean confesses that it’s strange for him to have a black son but he liked to adopt the Big Mike. Leigh Anne once said: “I married a man who doesn’t know his own color.”

Michael’s Game Skills

Michael Oher was a really good football player. The Blind Side showed Michael’s game skills in a moderate way. In reality he was very good football player. Leigh Anne said: Michael was a better football player than they showed but the fact that they didn’t screw things up was a miracle.” She also added that the script of the film was fairly accurate for Hollywood.

Michael Oher real life story is different than The Blind Side. The Blind Side is a great movie but according to Michael Oher the film affected his NFL career. (5)  The Blind Side impressed the critics but failed to impress Michael Oher. Michael Oher disliked the movie because the film portrayed inaccurate character of Michael Oher. “He’s nothing like that,” Osemele said in a 2013 article published to the the Web site called “The Real Michael Oher.”

“I can’t even imagine Mike being like the guy that they portrayed on the movie,” Osemele added. All the people who knew Michael Oher personally didn’t appreciate the character of Michael in the movie. These all are the biggest reasons why Michael disliked his own biopic The Blind Side. In the end there is no doubt that Michael Oher is one of the greatest player in the NFL history.