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Top Tier Group Focuses on PPE During the Pandemic


Michael Theodorou is the Chief Executive Officer for Top Tier Group, an international exporter and product supplier that has multiple branches, focusing on things like moving and home staging. During the pandemic, the company launched a new branch, Top Tier Safety Supplies, focusing on the products popularized by COVID-19, known by most as PPE, or personal protective equipment. Today, that part of the company is helping to fight the virus in countries across the world. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The term PPE was popularized as the demand for things like masks and gloves increased during the months of the pandemic. Top Tier Safety Supplies sells PPE along with other medical supplies on their Shopify website. Over 20,000 products are listed on the site and customers can set prices to the used currency in their country to find out what equipment will cost them. The website’s ease is part of the company’s appeal, according to Theodorou. “We want to make it as easy as possible for people to find what they need,” he explains. 

Popular Products

The most popular products on the Top Tier Safety Supplies website are PPE related. Masks, Lysol wipes, and gloves make up the top three and the other seven products on the company’s top ten list were made popular by the pandemic. Theodorou says the demand for those products has stayed at a constant high. “We’ve never stopped seeing a need for those PPE products,” he says. “Those were the main focus when we started earlier this year and it will likely stay that way for a long time.” 

Company Goals

Top Tier sold PPE to multiple companies and countries over the past year, including the Thailand Board of Investment. No matter who they’re working with, Theodorou emphasizes the company’s values of hard work, transparency, and striving for improvement. “We want to constantly be getting better, both with how we operate and what we’re offering,” he explains. “That’s how you keep up with the competition.”

The Covid-19 Vaccine

In May of this year, Top Tier received MDEL License Level 3 certification in Canada. This allows them to help bring COVID-19 vaccines to the country, extending the company’s efforts to fight the virus past the medical equipment and COVID-19 tests that they offer. As the focus of the pandemic shifts towards vaccinations, Theodorou says this licensing is key for the company’s future. “Some people have stopped wearing masks and turned their attention towards the vaccine,” he says. “We have to keep up and getting this certification helps us do that.” 

Other Businesses 

In addition to selling thousands of products through Top Tier Safety Supplies, Top Tier Group also operates more than a dozen companies offering innovative solutions, including local and international moving operations. International items can be shipped by Top Tier Airlink or Top Tier Containers by sea. In North America, Top Tier Moving has won multiple awards, including Modern Removals Company of the Year at the 2020 New World Report Awards. Top Tier also operates Mein Haus Staging, a home staging company that helps clients sell their vacant or occupied homes. 

Clients and Promotion

Top Tier serves several well-known companies and organizations across all parts of their business, including Amazon, Popeyes, and the Government of Canada. Their Instagram has a following of over two million users. In just the past few months, they added over a million followers on their main page. Outlets like The New York Times, CBC News, and Forbes have also featured stories on their efforts to fight the virus. 

Theodorou says these opportunities and outlets have helped expose Top Tier to a global audience. “When you have so many people following you, a lot of the growth is natural,” he says. “Then you add that to the media exposure and you really start to get known worldwide.” 

As the company becomes more well-known, their mission stays the same, and they hope to serve customers even after the fight against COVID-19 is over.

For more information on Top Tier Safety Supplies, visit the company’s store at toptiersafetysupplies.myshopify.com. For information on all of the companies owned and operated by Top Tier Group, visit the company’s Instagram page at instagram.com/toptiergroupinc.