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Waxoxo is Toronto’s Go-To Self-Care Destination


Waxoxo is Toronto’s premier hair removal and self-care destination, with everything anyone could want for hair removal, skin care, and more. 

One of their key products is a Natural Activated Charcoal Coconut Detox scrub with Tea Tree Oil from The Organic Monk, which is a perfect regular use exfoliant. The scrub is mixed with granular sugar that provides medium scrubbing action without any harmful effects on your skin. And that’s just one example of the many offerings Waxoxo has on board.

But the traditional offerings Waxoxo offers are just the beginning of what Waxoxo is offering, and they have quite a surprise in the works. 

They are preparing to offer world-class Vectus laser hair removal, a life-changing revolution in the industry. This will be part of their LaserLyfe promotion, offering lifetime laser at one low price, meaning members will never have to pay for touch-ups. 

The Vectus Laser System is simply the easiest way to get rid of unwanted body hair without the discomfort of waxing, shaving, etc. Laser hair removal has come a long way over the years, from being a complex and painful process that yielded little results to a highly precise and effective hair removal method. And Vectus is the gold standard. 

Vectus offers better removal applicators, offering easy treatment over any area of the body with great range and laser distribution for consistent results. 

Vectus is safe for all skin types, regardless of tone or color. A Vectus laser features an FDA-approved Skintel Melanin Reader, designed to optimize treatment based upon skin type and ethnicity. 

Vectus is an easy treatment process. It can be customized, is flexible, and offers a variety of treatment timelines and options. The Vectus laser features a cooling feature that makes hair removal as seamless and painless as possible. 

Best of all, Vectus hair removal is very affordable. Unlike expensive laser treatments in the past, Vectus’ technological advancements have made hair removal a reasonable, affordable process for all. 

At Waxoxo, new members on their first visit will get 50% off as pre-paid gift card to be redeemed on future services only, including Vectus laser treatment. For multiple services, full body sugaring/wax or combos, the discount is applied to the highest priced service only.

Waxoxo also offers incredible facial services. One example is their Blueberry Detox Peel, which m is an exfoliating peel that cleanses the pores deeply and tones the look of skin. The combination of blueberry juice, raspberry juice, blackberry juice and pineapple extract are high in vitamins and antioxidants that will nourish and refresh your skin. Plus, lactic acid will remove dead skin cells and improve the appearance of your skin’s texture.

This facial treatment deals with dry and dehydrated skin. They are two different conditions but resulting in similar skin texture. Pore sized is minimized. Skin is immediately stimulated resulting in the appearance of a rosy glow and a more youthful look.

It treats dry skin, increases sebum production, reduces wrinkles, and makes skin plumper. It’s organic extracts include Licorice Root, Mangosteen, Acai, Blue Berry, Strawberry Rhubarb, Kale, Bamboo, Marine Flower, Rosehip & Lemongrass.

Today, clients from around the United States and Canada are experiencing Waxoxo’s benefits and expertise. One reviewer shares, “Thorough job, pleasant conversation, listens to my needs, I’m a repeat customer.”

To learn more, please visit: https://www.waxoxo.com