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Why a Wrestler Might Consider Boxing

Athletes that make a move from wrestling to boxing may be onto something. While wrestling focuses on what happens on the ground, it shares many base skill requirements with boxing. It takes a lot of heart to be an effective wrestler or boxer, and the two sports have more in common than you may think. 

In both sports, each opponent attempts to impose their will on the other. Wrestlers and boxers both have to train hard and learn to anticipate what an opponent will do next. They both have to weigh in before a fight, so diet is a factor in either sport. Also, wrestling demands a high level of strength and toughness, making it an ideal foundation for boxing. 

From the Mat to the Canvas

Everyone knows MMA involves both grappling and striking, which is why so many cage fighters begin their careers on the mat. As is the case with MMA, the stamina possessed by a wrestler can go a long way in preparing him or her for the boxing ring. While transitioning from a wrestling discipline to MMA is a regular occurrence, there aren’t as many wrestlers going into boxing. That said, many wrestlers going into MMA actually prefer boxing over other combat arts since it teaches them to keep their feet planted when sustaining a blow. 

Putting the Two Together 

Whether you’re a wrestler or a boxer, you have to be able to defend yourself in a real fight. 

On the streets, you’re likely to encounter an opponent you can’t take down, and boxing adds an invaluable line of defense to your fighting repertoire. Knowing how to grapple and strike is essential for a fearless all-around fighter, which is why wrestlers often consider going into some form of boxing. 

Wrestling and Boxing Fans

Another motivating factor a wrestler might have to cross-train as a boxer is the fans. The typical wrestling enthusiast would love nothing more than to see their favorite wrestler pound an opponent in the boxing ring, propelling their image of the wrestler to legendary fighter. 

Pro Wrestling to Boxing

Have you watched professional wrestling lately? Pro wrestlers not only know how to hit the mat and bounce back, but they also talk a lot of trash. Put a cocky wrestler like that in the boxing ring, and they’re likely to put on a great show for the spectators. 

Dylan Bostic    

Pro wrestling sensation, Dylan Bostic, is a perfect example of a successful wrestler making the unexpected transition to boxing. Anyone who’s watched Dylan knows he isn’t your average pro wrestler. Weighing in at just 205, this guy is toned and ripped. 

At the age of just 15, Dylan began training with Dan Garza and later went on to train under the legendary coach, Rip Rogers. Dylan made his professional wrestling debut in 2007 and went on to win several championships throughout the U.S. and Canada. Dylan now trains with retired professional boxer Cedric “Ced” Johnson at CBA Promotions in Indianapolis. But Dylan’s career is more than just fighting. A talented actor, Dylan recently starred in the movie “Pursuit of Freedom.”

The man is a winner, and his fans can learn a lot from his adaptability and commitment. Dylan offers up the following advice about life: “If you’re happy with where you are or where you’re headed, then you are successful!” 

Although Dylan is fulfilled by his many achievements, he’s not complacent. Dylan continues to surprise us, and we’re looking forward to seeing what he does next as he tries his hand at boxing.

Follow Dylan Bostic on his exciting journey from wrestling to boxing via his Instagram and Twitter accounts.