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Yan Katcharovski and Muhammed Ahmed, Revolutionizing Marketing


Yan Katcharovski and Muhammed Ahmed, co-founders of Katch Media Group, a Toronto based creative and digital agency, founded their company to solve a growing problem: the apathy consumers felt about the posts they saw from businesses.

“We heard time and time again from friends and our peers that they were tired of being pitched to online. I couldn’t blame them since I felt the same way,” Yan states. “So, I collaborated with Muhammed to found Katch Media so that we could do marketing differently.”

Katch Media focuses on storytelling and relationship building. “Believe it or not, we focus on empathy. Yes, empathy in marketing!” Yan smiles a little, knowing what many consumers will think about that idea. “It’s true. We focus on what our clients need, flip our perspectives, and immerse ourselves in the brand and culture, ultimately creating a meaningful story that the client then communicates to the world.”

All aspects of digital marketing are relied upon, including digital marketing, including social media, SEO, lead generation campaigns, content production, website and design, and public relations. “We focus on a holistic approach to marketing to generate a unique campaign for our clients.”

Yan and Muhammed have extensive business experience together. Prior to Katch Media, Muhammed and Yani ran Procally Inc. as their first joint startup, a tech SaaS which received a valuation of $7 million. Since coming on board at Katch Media, the company’s highlights include launching a six-figure e-commerce product and building a seven-figure crypto-mining project in Quebec.

Yan has some opinions about the future of marketing. “It must be changed. We saw that how things were being done wasn’t working. Customers were being repelled. We aren’t afraid to think differently at Katch Media. Profits must never be more important than humans, morals, and values. At Katch Media, we refuse to be mercenaries that get the job done at any cost.” Instead, the company focuses on what our customers actually benefit from and work to meet them there.

To deliver a story-based marketing campaign, the company focuses on these elements:

  • Casual rather than suit and tie appearance
  • Marketing reality: live videos and behind the scenes
  • More humans, more niche, and more unique personalities instead of “cookie cutter”
  • More content, less fluff. Katch Media believes consumers are getting increasingly proficient at identifying when they are being sold to, and nobody likes being sold to. Katch Media focuses on marketing that is informational and educational.

“Yes, we have been successful, and our approach is one reason. Another reason is our employees, and I value them highly. We have a team of superstars. Our employees work together flawlessly, meaning that our business practically runs itself. To me, that’s a homerun. For those entrepreneurs who want some tips on how to get their business surpassing its goals, I highly recommend focusing on the people who work for you.”

The next six or seven years will be exciting at Katch Media. “I aspire to have a tight-knit tribe of business owners, high achievers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who share a common vision of humanizing the status quo. Personally, I plan to expand my network of like-minded partners and do more public speaking and more sharing of my philosophies, perhaps by writing a book. You never know! The future is full of possibilities if you have the right mentality.”

As Yan looks back, he has no regrets. “Muhammed and I wouldn’t be where we are today if we hadn’t been masters of our craft. Entrepreneurship isn’t easy. I fully believe that by linking the feeling of success to seeing improvement in how my business has developed, rather than judging the end result, is part of why we’re strong today. I recommend that an entrepreneur not be afraid to change business plans and pivot quickly. At the same time, failing to plan is planning to fail, so drafting a plan of action is crucial, but again, don’t hesitate to revise it often and change it quickly when needed.”

Quitting, according to Yan, can never be an option. “Instead, fall in love with humans, with service, and with a brighter future because this will get you through the tough times. The only way to make it all worth it is to link your reasons to a greater cause and to see the beauty of the world and of how you are contributing to other people.”

Ultimately, Yan wants to make a difference through Katch Media. “I aspire to help others going through the same. I know it’s possible, especially now with infinite access to free knowledge. I hope to be this source of knowledge for those hungry for more.”