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10 Best American TV Shows of All Time


10 Best American TV Shows of All Time

American television history is filled with greatest TV shows. There are many best American TV shows that have won the hearts of people. TV shows like Friends, The Wire, Seinfeld and The X –Files are one of the best American Television shows in History.

When it comes to top rated TV shows, some shows really stand out because those television shows have ruled the entertainment industry for decades. People still love American TV shows and also like entertaining American TV dramas.

The Golden Era of American TV shows is still alive in the form of Netflix originals. American TV shows have all kind of flavors including American comedy TV Shows, African American TV shows and American horror shows. ListicleFeed has found some of the greatest TV shows in the history of America that will blow your mind.

10 Best American TV Shows of All Time


Friends the bold story of some friends that live together is one the greatest and best American TV shows in history. It is story of three young boys and three young girls that live in one apartment and experience the challenging life of New York. They don’t mind their own businesses and keep trying to stick their noses in each other’s matters. They Exchange romantic partners and do a lot of insane things that nobody can understand. (1)

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is story of hot-headed high school chemistry teacher named Walter White, who hates his life. He doesn’t make enough money. His situation gets worse when his pregnant wife gives birth to a new baby. His teenage son suffers from a serious disorder called cerebral palsy. Walter all hopes of good life dies when he finds out that he has terminal cancer. In this bad situation Walter desperately tries to make as much money as he can by converting an old RV into a meth lab on wheels. (2)

Game of Thrones

One of the greatest television shows in American History Game of Thrones is the best TV show that takes us into the vintage era of Kings, queens and bloody battles. It is story of two powerful families that includes kings, queens, knights, renegades, liars and honest men, who participate in deadly battles in order to win Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Everyone has a dream to get the Iron Throne. It is a powerful story of brave and crafty people. (3)

The Simpsons

The Simpsons is story of an eponymous family, who lives in the town of Springfield located in mysterious U.S. state. Homer is the leader of Simpson family, who is not an ordinary person. He is a nuclear-plant employee and very proud of himself. He tries hard to rule his family but mostly his family rules him. The Simpsons family has very talented and bold members including overachieving daughter Lisa, blue-haired matriarch Marge, troublemaking son Bart, and little baby Maggie. Springfield that is located in unknown American state also has some other genius residents including family physician Dr Hibbert, Ned Flanders, Moe the bartender and police officer Clancy Wiggum. (4)


It is an amazing and most popular American TV show that has won millions of hearts. Seinfeld is packed with fun and pleasure. People have watched this show again and again and every time they loved it. It is story of four single friends named George Costanza, Jerry Seinfeld, Elaine Benes and Cosmo Kramer. They are all neurotic and not okay with their lives but still make fun of each other. Seinfeld is the best comedy series that was released in July, 5 1985. (5)

The X-Flies

The X-Files is the longest-running science fiction American TV show. In this show FBI agents investigate mysterious and puzzling criminal cases that are called “X-Files.” A conspiracy theorist Fox Mulder and realist Dana Scully try their best to solve criminal cases and reveal the truth in front of government. The X-Files is one of the best thriller TV series that inspires many film producers to make incredible spy thrillers. (6)

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is based on comic book series written by Robert Kirkman. In the time of zombie apocalypse a group of people Led by former police officer Rick Grimes and his family continuously play the game of hide and seek with zombies in order to save their lives. The zombies are killing everyone and no one is safe. Therefore the pressure is high and it is hard to escape. The brave Rick finds out that the fear of death is more dangerous than escaping from zombies and decides to confront them like a man. (7)

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek: The Next Generation is an American science-fiction TV series. It is created by Gene Roddenberry. Star Trek ruled the world from 1987 to 1994 and inspired many science fiction movie fanatics. This show was very popular in all over America and reached over 12 million viewers in its 5th season. More than 30 million people watched the final season of this show in 1994. Captain Kirk and his crew go to space to discover the different world of galaxy. They must have to complete a mission to safe humanity and aliens. (8)

The Big Bang Theory

The greatest television show in American History The Big Bang Theory is an incredible peace of creative entertainment. It is story of two genius friends that have no social life. They are always busy in laboratory and don’t know the cool outside world of California. A smart and super social girl comes in their life and helps them to interact with others. The brilliant physicists want to know about quantum physics but failed to communicate with females because they are socially awkward. Their new female friend plays a vital role in opening them up in front of other people. (9)

Happy Days

Happy Days is the greatest TV show of all time. Happy Days series tells us the story of extra-ordinary Cunningham family that includes a bold father Howard, naughty mother Marion, cool son Richie and happy daughter Joanie. Howard is the owner of a hardware store and his wife Marion is a house wife. Their son Richie has best friends Potsie and Ralph, who always keep him busy. The other important character of this show is Fonzarelli, who is a local bad boy and loves to ride bike and date multiple girls. Happy days TV show is one of the best American television show of all time. (10)


These are the best television series of all time that have global recognition. People have loved those shows for decades. The most recent popular TV shows includes Sharp Objects, Killing Eve, Pose, Mind Hunter, The Deuce and Glow. These all television shows are top rated in modern day but when it comes to best American TV shows of all time, above mentioned are highly rated shows. Film critics have appreciated those shows and viewers also submitted good reviews about those television shows. Enjoy those American TV shows and Let us know about your favorite show.