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15 Best FBI TV Series On Netflix


15 Best FBI TV Series On Netflix

Everyone loves FBI TV shows on Netflix. It is amusing to watch FBI TV series on Netflix in the night to kill boredom. FBI TV series not only entertain you but also makes you smart. FBI TV series are filled with thrill and puzzle that’s why people love them.

FBI TV series holds your attention and don’t let you move from your coach. FBI TV shows are mostly based on stories of intelligent criminals and serial killers. The chasing part in the criminal shows is always exciting to watch. People love to watch FBI TV series that have all the elements of action, mystery and drama.

We have collected some of the best FBI TV series that you can watch on Netflix and have fun. If you are bored in the middle of the night and want to watch some cool FBI TV series you need to read our list of 15 best FBI TV series.

15 Best FBI TV Series on Netflix


Quantico is an American Drama Thriller FBI TV series. The show was released in the United States via American Broadcasting Company in 2015. Quantico is produced by ABC Studios. It is one of the most popular FBI TV series of 2015. Currently it is available on Netflix. Quantico is about young FBI recruits. The young FBI recruiters come to the Quantico in order to get special training. They trained for twenty one weeks in order to become special agents. But it is very hard to become special agent because the training is extremely hard. The trainers can enlist anyone without any reason. It is the first duty of young FBI agents to give their best shot to become special agent. One of the recruit is suspected to be involved in 9/11 attack. The series are filled with turns and twists. Quantico stars Priyanka Chopra and Jake McLaughlin in leading roles. It is the newest FBI TV series on Netflix that you can enjoy right now. Quantico is packed with thrill and action.


Limitless is an American science fiction thriller film. It is directed by Neil Burger and written by Leslie Dixon. It is based on the novel The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn. Limitless stars Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Abbie Cornish, Anna Friel and Andrew Howard. It is story of a jobless and desperate writer Eddie Morra, who knows that his future is dark and his girl friend will soon leave him. But his life takes a unique turn, when he uses a drug that enhances mental acuity. The untested chemical provided by his friend helps Eddie to overcome his financial crises and because of that he makes a lot of money. Soon Eddie becomes the center of attention of the world. A rich business man comes in the life of Eddie in order to use him for the sake of money. But Eddie suffers from some dangerous side-effects of the unique drug that makes him pay. He fails to keep his success for longer and the days of his charm begins to fade quickly. Limitless is one of the best FBI TV series on Netflix. If you love FBI shows on Netflix, don’t miss this one.


Graceland is an American drama television series. It is created by Jeff Eastin. Graceland was first released on USA Network on June 6, 2013. It is one of the best FBI TV series on Netflix. Graceland is story of young roommates, who live together in a beachfront. But it is not the casual beachfront house, it is the home of FBI and DEA. It is used as the operations center for talented FBI agents. Graceland was seized from a drug tycoon, who was obsessed with Elvis Presley. A young FBI agent Mike Warren goes to Graceland in order to complete an important mission. Mike used to work on desk in Washington. The undercover mission is extremely tough and Mike seeks the help of an experienced agent Paul Briggs. Graceland is very entertaining FBI TV series. If you are looking for best FBI TV series on Netflix, Graceland is ideal option for you. It is one of the most popular FBI TV series in 2013. This FBI series ruled the television for 2 years.

Blind Spot

Blindspot is an American crime drama FBI television series. It is created by Martin Gero. The series stars, Sullivan Stapleton and Jaimie Alexander in leading roles.Blind Spot was released on September 21, 2015. The series is based on the story a beautiful woman, who has no memory. Police found her in New York’s Times Square. FBI Agent Kurt Weller takes the responsibility to solve her complex case. Soon her case turned out to be a major international case. The beautiful woman, Jane Doe has a tattoo on her body that is actually a map. The map directs Kurt to explore her identity that helps to reveal mystery behind this brutal crime. It is one of the best FBI TV Shows on Netflix. If you are fan of FBI TV shows on Netflix, you can watch Blind Spot. It is an incredible FBI show. The series include 67 episodes. The first episode of the series was released in September 21, 2015. Blind Spot is the most popular FBI TV series that you can watch on Netflix right now.

The FBI Files

The FBI Files is an American television docudrama series. This FBI series was originally broadcasted in 1998 and continued till 2006. It is produced by New Dominion Pictures of Suffolk, Virginia. The FBI Files shows the stories real life FBI agents. You can also see the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s crime laboratory in this documentary series. The FBI Files is no longer available on television but it is available on Netflix. You can watch this FBI TV show on Netflix. You can enjoy this incredible series that are based on real life FBI heroes. The series has 7 seasons. Each season is packed with inspiring stories. The FBI Files is one of the best vintage FBI series on Netflix. If you like watching FBI documentary series, you need to watch The FBI Files. The series are filled with adventurous journeys of senior and junior FBI agents, who gave their whole life to control crime. Usually these types of original FBI series are not easily available on streaming services but Netflix has this series for you.

Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds is an American police-procedural television series. It was launched in 2005. It is the best FBI TV show on Netflix. Criminal Minds is based on the story of FBI team of Behavioral Analysis located in Quantico, Virginia. The team target high profile and dangerous criminals in the world. In Criminals Minds an elite group of FBI officials conduct research on most sadistic criminal minds of America. The Team tries to know about the next moves of criminals to protect others from their evil attentions. Every member of the team act as a “mind hunter” and use high level of intelligence to bring the best knowledge about criminals in order to manipulate them for good purpose. The team includes highly skilled official profiler, who is specialized in playing with the criminal minds and has in-depth knowledge of criminal psychology. The other main member of the team is former media liaison, who has a family but still he perfectly manages to balance his demanding and crucial job and family life together.

White Collar

White Collar is American crime network television series launched in 2009. White Collar story is based on intelligent criminal and con artist. This criminal show has a lot of swings and puzzles that can confuse your mind. In the White Collar Criminal Neal Caffrey successfully escapes from FBI agent but not for third time. He has been playing with FBI agent Peter Burke for years but finally FBI agent catches him. But this cat and mouse story doesn’t end quickly. The crafty prisoner escapes again and fools high standard security. But Caffery is tired of running from FBI. Therefore, he decides to help FBI agent Burke for lifetime freedom.  Caffery agrees to help the cops to catch dangerous missing criminals for lifetime freedom. Burke quickly realizes that Caffrey’s resources are extremely valuable for FBI. Caffrey’s best friend Mozzie plays a vital role in making FBI job easy by providing them useful information about underworld tycoons. Burke and FBI take massive advantage from extremely clever criminal Neal Caffrey for noble reason.

The Killing

The Killing is incredible American crime drama televison series launched in 2011. It is based on the Danish television series Forbrydelsen. This crime drama television series was produced by Fox Television Studios and Fuse Entertainment. The Killing is based on the story of multiple murder investigations by decorated detectives. In The Killing a moody detective Sarah tries to solve the complex murder mysteries in the entire season. The Killings includes many murder mystery stories. Sarah Linden is a passionate detective and has strong background of solving murder cases. First she is assigned to mentor brilliant detective Stephen Holder from narcotics division. The two have different backgrounds but the combination of them creates an incredible investigation style that proves to be effective. Both of them are not compatible. Therefore, the clash also exists between them. Linda likes to stick with the rules but Stephen is old school and believes in breaking the rules. Both of them play viral role in bringing valuable facts and proofs about mysterious killings.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

It is one of the best FBI TV series based on real crimes that are briefly covered by media. This crime drama television series was released in 1999 on NBC. The 16th season of this popular crime show was started in 2014. If you are looking for best FBI televison series this one is ideal for you. In Special Victims Unit a group of highly skilled detectives investigate sexual crime. The Special Victims Unit detectives investigate crimes like, rapes and sexual assaults. In this FBI TV series the victim assists authorities to investigate and find the criminals for punishment. Special Victims Unit is packed with talented star cast that includes Richard Belzer, Mariska Hargitay, Dann Florek and rapper Ice-T. Special Victims Unit successfully helps victims of sexual crimes and boost their confidence to open about the dirty criminals.


It is always fun to watch crime and comedy together. Bones is American crime and comedy drama television series. It was aired on Fox in 2005. The show is based on forensic anthropology and forensic archaeology and reveals secrets of mystery behind human remains. In Bones intelligent Doctor Temperance Brennan, who is a forensic anthropologist and works at the Jeffersonian Institution. She also writes books. Temperance Brennan has unique ability to read important clues from human bones. Therefore, law enforcement agencies use her to investigate complex cases. Especially when the body is badly decomposed, destroyed and burned. She is very clever to identify people from their bones therefore; standard identification methods are useless against her skills. Mostly Brennan has to team up with Special Agent Seeley Booth, who is also a former Army sniper. Seeley Booth is not a strong believer of science and doesn’t think that science can be helpful to solve murder cases but Brennan has proved Booth wrong by showcasing her matchless skills.

The Blacklist

The Blacklist is one of the best American crime drama television series. It was aired in 2013 on NBC. The Blacklist is story of U.S Navy officer who has list of deadly criminals. He guides FBI to catch those dangerous criminals in order to get immunity. In Blacklist ex-government agent named Raymond “Red” Reddington finally agrees to work with the FBI after decades of cat and mouse games. His “blacklist” includes spies, mobsters, and international terrorists. But he agrees on one condition that he will only work with profiler Elizabeth Keen. Red chooses Elizabeth because he wants to team up with someone, who has nothing to do with him. Therefore, he chooses a smart lady. But Elizabeth is not as simple as Raymond thinks. She is also secretive person with clever personality.  Red pushes Elizabeth to think like a criminal in order to cope with the complicated and demanding situations because it is not easy to catch international level criminals.

Hawaii Five O

Hawaii Five O is American police procedural drama television series. It is one of the best crime drama shows. It was remade from late 1968–80 television series. If you love vintage crime and mystery based television series this one is perfect you. In Hawaii Five O a group of detectives goes on an elite task with the mission to remove criminal activities on the beaches of Aloha State. McGarrett and Danno are leading the team of detectives as captains. The team includes Lou Grover, who used to be the head of Hawaii’s SWAT unit, Tani Rey, who is a confident police academy graduate and Jerry Ortega, who is local conspiracy theorist of Aloha state. The team works hard to eliminate criminal activities and face dangerous criminals during the mission. Hawaii Five O is one of the best FBI TV shows in history.


Dexter is an awesome American television series. This television series is based on the story of Dexter Morgan who works in Miami Metro Police Department as a blood spatter pattern analyst but he is also a serial killer who kills murderers. In Dexter a man named Dexter Morgan, who is a Miami-based blood splatter. Dexter Morgan not only solves murders but he also commits murders. In other words he is a serial killer. The good thing about Dexter is that he only kills the guilty criminals in order to feel good and do justice. He has a policewoman sister but she has no idea about Dexter’s secret life. But his adoptive father Harry knows his secret and also teams up with Dexter to hide the skills of victims. Dexter shows the unique form of justice, which is not acceptable in the society. Dexter is psychologically obsessed with killing murderers and criminals.

Lie To Me

Lie To Me is an American Crime Drama tv series. It was released on Fox in 2009. Lie To Me is story of Dr. Cal Lightman and his colleagues that work on a research project to reveal the truth behind applied psychology and interpreting micro-expressions. In Lie To Me the leading deception researcher, Dr. Cal Lightman, conducts research on facial expression, tone of voice and body language to analyze the lying nature of humans. He researches on human behavior and tries to know why and when a person lie in order to help law enforcement and government agencies to get the hidden truth behind every crime. His skills become better and better every single day that also lead him to deceive others. Lie To Me is best FBI TV show that deserves your attention.


Sherlock is British television crime drama series based on the adaption of original Sherlock Holmes detective stories. The first series of Sherlock was released in 2010 and second was released in 2012. The Third series of Sherlock was released in 2014. It is one of the most popular televison series all around the world. In Sherlock Doctor John Watson, who is a war veteran, meets the brilliant Holmes after coming back from Afghanistan. Holmes used to be the consultant to Scotland Yard. Watson quickly finds himself stuck in various unsolved mysteries when he moves into the Baker Street flat. John Watson and Holmes combine intelligent helps to uncover a lot unsolved and complicated criminal mysteries. They both put a lot effort into cases that matter to the locality and play vital role in catching the brutal criminals.