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Top 10 Best Baseball Movies on Netflix


Top 10 Best Baseball Movies on Netflix

There are many best baseball movies on Netflix that you can watch. Sports movies are always fun to watch. When it comes to good baseball movies on Netflix movies like, Home Run, Battered Bastard of Baseball and Knuckleball are always on the top of list because these movies are incredibly entertaining.

There are many other best baseball movies on Netflix that also have the ability to entertain baseball fans. Netflix also has some best baseball movies of all time to entertain baseball lovers. When it comes to funny baseball movies BASEketball and The Benchwarmers rank on the top because these baseball movies are hilarious.

Netflix offers many sports movies including baseball movies, basketball movies and soccer movies and wrestling movies. Netflix doesn’t disappoint sports lovers and have large collection of sports movies. In fact Netflix has the best sports movies of all time. We go through some of the best baseball movies on Netflix and select the top 10 best baseball movies to recommend our audience. Let’s see the list of best baseball movies on Netflix.

10 Best Baseball Movies on Netflix

1. A Mile in His Shoes

Directed By: William Dear

Written By: Jason Koornick, Frank Nappi

The film revolves around character of Mickey Tussler. Mickey is an 18-year-old boy from Indiana. He joins semi-professional baseball team “the River Rats” when Arthur Murphy discovers him. At the age of 18 Mickey has no confidence. His communication skills are bad and he mostly doesn’t come upfront and uses third person to explain his personality. Mickey’s father is uneducated. He beats him and his mother molly. It is a powerful story that describes the life of an autistic pitcher, who joins a minor-league baseball team. Team Manager Arthur Murphy notices his talent and helps him to achieve the success that he deserves. (1)

2. The Benchwarmers

Directed By: Dennis Dugan

Written By: Allen Covert, Nick Swardson

In The Benchwarmers a millionaire, who also has craze for baseball helps three rejected and humiliated nerds to create a baseball team in order to compete with the brutal bullies in the small League. The millionaire helps the nerds not only financially but also physically by pushing their limits and making them work hard to defeat those bullies. The millionaire and their nerd friends become super heroes of nerd community. The nerds love this little baseball team, who work hard to give tough competition to healthy, strong and big bullies of the league. But they lose their fame when one member’s secret reveals that he himself used to be a bully in the past.

3. Home Run

Directed By: David Boyd

Written By: Brain Brightly, Candace Lee

Home Run is one of the best baseball movies on Netflix to watch. It is also one of the best sports drama films of 2013. In Home Run a professional baseball player with bad history of substance abuse problem forcefully go to his hometown for the sake of rehab. In his home town he gets some sort of positive energy that helps him to get rid of his disturbing past in the form of young team of baseball players. He takes the charge to coach the Little League team that has average skills. The pro baseball player trains them hard and the little team finally begins to show good results. An alcoholic baseball player changes the life of little youth baseball league by polishing their skills.

4. Knuckleball!

Directed By: Ricki Stern, Anne Sundberg

Produced By: Ricki Stern, Anne Sundberg, Dan Cogan Christine Schomer

Knuckleball is one of the best baseball movies on Netflix that deserves your time. It is actually documentary film that was released in 2012. It is also most popular baseball film on the Netflix. The documentary film displays the tough season of 2011 in which knuckleball barely protects both pitchers from obscurity.Dickey had to move his family for 37 times before joining the New York Mets. The film briefly shows the chase of Wakefield and his remarkable 200th win, when he was member of the 2011 Red Sox. Knuckleball also displays Dickey’s toughest season with the 2011 Mets that is called “make it or break it season”. The film also put light on the lives of baseball players, who have to face a lot of ups and downs to see the little waves of success. (2)

5. Battered Bastards of Baseball

Directed By: Maclain Way, Chapman Way

Produced By: Juliana Lembi

Battered Bastards of Baseball is one of the best baseball movies of all time and one of the most popular baseball movies on Netflix. It is actually a baseball documentary film that you can watch on Netflix. It is packed with sports drama and has comedy flavor in it. In Battered Bastards of Baseball a passionate baseball lover and famous actor Bing Russell, who is also father of Kurt Russell forms an independent single-A team that has the most unwanted players in it. It is an interesting true baseball story of 1937. The Hollywood veteran Bing Russell chooses a weak team that shocks everyone by winning major baseball matches. (3)

6. Fast Ball

Directed By: Jonathan Hock

Written By: Jonathan Hock

Fast Ball is one of the best baseball movies on Netflix. It is also one of the best baseball documentary movies of all time. It was released in 2016. It is packed with sports drama and showcases that baseball is not only a sport for some people. It is a precious sport created by legends. Fast Ball is very motivational real life documentary film for baseball lovers and baseball players. In Fast Ball Kevin Costner the baseball legend describes the stories of baseball legends and scientists who make it possible to throw fastball in 396 milliseconds. A fastball reaches home plate in 396 milliseconds but it only happens when someone has the ability to throw strongest and fastest pitch. Fast Ball is an incredible baseball documentary film to binge watch.

7. Trouble with the Curve

Directed By: Robert Lorenz

Written By: Randy Brown

In Trouble with the Curve you will get to see extremely entertaining baseball drama. Trouble with the Curve is story of old baseball scout Gus Lobel. He has been scouting for years and known as one of best baseball scouts but now his matchless baseball scouting talent is giving up on him due to his age. His bosses want him to leave and rest but Gus Lobel has passion for baseball and he is madly in love with his job. Therefore, he refuses to be benched and wants to continue his job. But now Gus has to take unwanted help from his daughter Mickey in order to do baseball scouting perfectly. Gus and his daughter haven’t spent time together for a long time. They haven’t met for years but now they have to team up. Finally father and daughter are united and exploring interesting things about their past. Trouble with the Curve is very entertaining baseball movie. (4)

8. Air Bud Seventh Inning Fetch

Directed By: Robert Vince

Written By: Robert Vince, Kevin DiCicco

Air Bud Seventh Inning Fetch is one of the best baseball movies on Netflix. In Air Bud Seventh Inning Fetch a dog play vital role in entertaining audience. In this film Josh’s younger sister Andrea works hard to make her high school baseball team successful. The entry of an airborne dog makes the story more interesting. The adorable dog hits the high notes whenever Andrea’s team is in the need of an extra catcher. The talented dog grabs the attention of baseball audience and dog kidnappers, who want to steal the dog very badly. It is very entertaining baseball film that you can watch on Netflix. Air Bud Seventh Inning Fetch is packed with fun and it is also very famous baseball film that was released in 2002. (5)

9. Game Winning Hit

Directed By: Hsiu-Shen Liang

Produced by: Hsiu-Shen Liang

Game Winning Hit is the best baseball series on Netflix that is packed with sports drama and entertainment.  Game Winning Hit is also very popular on Netflix and viewers are loving it. This baseball series was released in 2009. Game Winning Hit displays the story of young baseball team from a small town. The team lacks the right coach, who can guide the team to play well but in the small town it is not easy to afford a better coach. In this situation an army deserter, who is hiding from arm forces comes in small coast town and takes the tough task of coaching unpolished team. The army deserter purposely becomes the coach of baseball team because he wants to hide his identity in order to protect himself form arm forces that are searching him. (6)

10. Mr.3000

Directed By: Charles Stone lll

Written By: Eric Champnella, Keith Mitchell

Mr.3000 is one of the best baseball movies of all time and it is also one of the best baseball movies on Netflix to watch. It is the best sports comedy film that was released in 2004. Mr.3000 is highly recommended to people who love comedy in sport like baseball. The story of Mr.3000 revolves around retired major league baseball player named Stan Rose. Stan Ross disappoints his team members by announcing his retirement during a 1995 game. He made the last 3,000th base hit, which was necessary to get the privilege to enter in the Baseball Hall of Fame. After nine long years a complicated error shows up that officially invalidate three of his major hits and removes Ross from the list of precious baseball honor. The 47-year-old passionate baseball player wants to get this honor so bad. Therefore he requests his team to rejoin Milwaukee Brewers once again in order to make last three hits. Stan Jose is selfish player but when he has to face this situation he realizes that the real happiness is in playing for his team not in making big baseball records.


These are the best baseball movies on Netflix and probably the best baseball movies of all time because they have sports drama, fun, passion and motivation in it. You can enjoy those movies on Netflix with your baseball league friends and also with family. These movies can be the bundle of joy for you in the weekends. Enjoy those best baseball movies on Netflix and let us know about your favorite baseball movie of all time in the comment section.