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10 Best Comedy Shows on Netflix


10 Best Comedy Shows on Netflix

We have found some Best comedy shows on Netflix for you. It is amusing to watch comedy shows that have all kinds of comedy flavors. When it comes to best comedy shows on Netflix the options are not limited.

Netflix has nice collection of the best comedy shows. If you are feeling super bored, you need to laugh and in order to laugh you need to know about some best comedy shows on Netflix. Well congratulations because you don’t need to waste your time in searching best comedy shows on Netflix because we are going to tell you about the best comedy shows on Netflix that you can watch and enjoy.

Everyone has different taste in comedy some people like sex comedy, dark comedy and some people like romantic comedy. Everyone has different choice. Therefore, we selected the best comedy shows that can amuse all kinds of people according to their taste. So let’s check some best comedy show on Netflix.

10 Best Comedy Shows on Netflix

Park and Recreation

Parks and Recreation is an American political satire television sitcom. It is story of absurd antics of a town located in Indiana. They work for the development of their town and use their great intellectual abilities to make the town beautiful. (1)

The Good Place

The Good Place is story of a woman named Eleanor Shellstrop, who is in quest of good life. She lives in good place but wants to know the meaning of being good. She wants some logical facts that define goodness. (2)

Bojack Horseman

It is story of a humanoid horse that used to be the star of hit TV show “Horsin’ Around” in the ’90s. But now he is nothing and criticizes everything. He wears colorful sweaters and lives in Hollywood. It is one of the best comedy shows on Netflix. (3)

Arrested Development

It is story of a disturb son who tries to fix his spoiled, dysfunctional family because his father is in prison. But it is not easy to deal with his over-excited insane family. His family makes it really hard for him to manage difficult situations. (4)


It is story of a struggling actor who works as an extra in the movies. He tries to advance his career with the help of his crazy agent but at the end he fails miserably. Extras is really good comedy show with hilarious scenes.  (5)

Crazy Ex-friend

It is story of successful Rebecca Bunch who has respectful job in law firm and living in nice apartment in New York. But she leaves everything and relocates herself in West Covina, California in order to find true love, adventure and happiness. (6)

Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks is story of high school student and his friends who got bullied and threatened by physically superior seniors. They face every trouble with hope and became Media Millionaire. Freaks and Geeks is ideal for teens and young adults. (7)


Cheers is story of regulars of Boston Bar who share their adventures and lives with each other during the working hours. They have really cool bounding with each other. Cheers is an amazing comedy show that has won millions of hearts. (8)


It is story of three young man and three young women who are best friends and living good life in Manhattan New York. They are very friendly and cool with each other. They swap their romantic partners and don’t mind their own businesses. (9)

Jane the Virgin

It is story of Catholic woman who discovers that she was artificially inseminated. She finds out that her sperm donor was his boss. It changes everything in her life. She planned her future based on strict rules but now all rules have broken. (10)

These 10 best comedy shows on Netflix can make your day or weekend. There are many other amazing comedy shows that you can watch but these ones are special. These comedy shows have good reviews and ranked on the top in every major movie site.

Comedy shows are always fun to watch. Humorous comedy shows that have the ability to make people laugh always get good reviews from critics. If you are looking for some cool comedy shows that can change your mood, you need to try these 10 best comedy shows on Netflix.

The streaming service like Netflix has very nice collection of old and new comedy shows that you can watch easily. You can also see some good old comedy shows on Netflix. YouTube also has very cool collection that can make you laugh in no time.

Share this post with your friends and family and watch these best comedy shows on Netflix. Let us know about your favorite comedy shows on Netflix. We have really cool movie recommendations for you which you can see anytime you want. So Enjoy these best comedy shows on Netflix and share your opinion about it with us.