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10 Best Comedy Movies on Netflix


10 Best Comedy Movies on Netflix

The world is busy place and we all have to face tough challenges in life. We all live busy life and have no time to relax. If your life is only based on work and you don’t do any other activity to achieve happiness, you live boring life. In order to live happy life you need to laugh at something. In real life you don’t get too many opportunities to laugh. But some comedy movies can give you too many chances to laugh with freedom and with no restrictions.

There are many comedy movies but only few of them have the ability to make you laugh when you are sad. It is not easy to make someone laugh but some comedy movies can do that job perfectly in no time. No matter how sad and serious you are, these movies can make you laugh very hard.

10 Best Comedy Movies On Netflix


It is hilarious American action comedy film directed by Paul Feig. The film is filled with lot of funny scenes. The CIA agent Susan who is also desk jockey helps his fellow agent Bradley Fine in a mission. She faces deadly arms dealer and escape from massive biological disaster.

The Nice Guys

It is a story of a body guard and private investigator. They are in the search of a missing girl and face a lot of troubles to find the girl. The film has many funny scenes that can instantly make you laugh. It is not a typical movie like other movies. This movie displays the old 1970s Los angles remarkably.

The Heat

It is a hilarious story of a Boston police officer and an FBI agent who are in the search of a brutal and clever drug dealer. It is an American buddy cop action film packed with funny scenes.  It is a unique movie in which an FBI agent has to pair with a funny and foul-mouthed cop.

Run Fatboy Run

It is a story of an out-of-shape Dennis who wants to participate in a marathon to impress his pregnant fiancée. He left her fiancée five years earlier on the wedding day because he was confuse but now he is willing to do anything to win her heart again. It is a great movie packed with hilarious scenes.

The Guard

The Guard is an Irish buddy cop comedy film. In this movie a vulgar Irish cop and an angry F.B.I agent work together to investigate an international drug smuggling center. The film is hilarious because the partnership of dirty cop and angry agent doesn’t go smoothly.


Trainwreck is an American romantic comedy film. In this movie a magazine writer Amy falls in love with a handsome sports doctor while writing a profile about him. Amy is a career oriented girl and escape from serious relationships. The movie is filled with jokes and hilarious scenes.

Just Go With It

“Just Go With It” is an romantic comedy film directed by Dennis Dugan. It is a hilarious film with multiple funny troubles. It is a story of Plastic surgeon Danny who displays himself as married man to get the girls without any strong relationship expectations. He forces his beautiful assistant to act as his wife for this purpose.

The Proposal

The Proposal is an American comedy film directed by Anne Fletcher. It is a story of a powerful boss woman who forces her assistant to marry her for visa because she wants to live in U.S. The film is filled with various little comedy scenes. The movie beautifully displays the awkward relationship of a boss and her employee.

Up For Love

Up For Love is sweet romantic movie that clearly depicts the French humor. It is a story of a short man who falls in love with the gorgeous tall lawyer. Both meet each other because of a mobile phone.  The movie is filled with humor and romance. You will love to watch the physically unusual couple who love each other.


Bridesmaids is an incredible romantic film packed with hilarious scenes and jokes. It is based on the story of Annie who is a single woman with messy life. When she comes to know that her best friend is engaged. She gets excited to become the maid of honor. The story displays the crazy competition between bridesmaid and maid of honor.