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10 Great Movies on Netflix


10 Great Movies on Netflix

The world of movies is unlimited and it is nearly impossible for a person to watch all the movies. It is a fact that some movies are not worth to watch but some movies are compulsory to watch. Many great movies hit the cinema every year and it is not easy to watch all of them.

It is hard to watch all the great movies because mostly people are busy and don’t have time to go to cinema. Therefore, people prefer to watch movies on TV but unfortunately TV always fails to showcase a nice collection of movies.

If you are busy and have no time to watch movies, it’s alright because you can watch them later. But in this situation you can also miss many good movies. Good movies not only play a vital role in improving your personality but also make you a better person.

10 Great Movies on Netflix

A Most Violent Year

A Most violent Year is American crime drama film. It is a movie about an ambitious business person who tries to protect his family and business in the New York City. He is the owner of small heating-oil company and faces difficult business problems. When it comes to great movies this movie comes at the first place to watch.

The Big Short

The Big Short is an American biographical comedy-drama film. This film is based on a true story. It is a story of smart business guys who take advantage of economic collapse in America and make a lot of money. It is a great movie filled with amazing business tricks.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is a biographical film based on the life of tech icon named Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is an incredible business man and brilliant entrepreneur who have changed the world with his remarkable inventions. The film also displays the personal and professional issues of Steve Jobs which he solve perfectly and keep working on his ideas. It is a great motivational film for young entrepreneurs.


Joy is an American biographical comedy-drama film. Joy is a story of a girl with the name Joy who raise in common American family with the dream to become successful in life. She faces a lot of tough challenges but she doesn’t give up. Joy is divorced single mother who work hard to achieve success.

The Hateful Eight

The Hateful Eight is mystery film. It is a story of eight travelers including famous bounty hunter who has a criminal with him. He is joined by other companions in the journey. They travel a lot and face many ups and downs. The journey is very long, difficult and tiring and they are in danger of death.


Solace is an American mystery thriller film directed by Afonso Poyart. It is a story of brilliant serial killer, who brutally kills his victims and leaves no evidence behind him. The killer is very clever and detectives fail to catch him. Therefore, they get help from a psychic who skillfully design a trap to get him.

Mr. Holmes

It is a good mystery drama film. A famous detective who is old and going to die very soon has some memories of unsolved mystery about a woman. Although he is old and retired detective but he still has his old skills in him which forces him to solve last case of his life.

How To Be Single

How To Be Single is romantic comedy film filled with fun. It is a story of Alice who breaks up with her boy friend and starts to live with her elder sister. She wants to live life with full freedom. He gets a job and meets a new friend named Robin who is a fun-loving and party person. He teaches young Alice how to enjoy a single lifestyle.

The Finest Hours

It is historical drama thriller film. It is based on real life events. It is a story of courageous sailors, who work together and face the disaster of nature to rescue the drowning crew. It is a good movie packed with action scenes.


It is a story of a talented screen writer who is jailed and blacklisted with his other companions because of their political beliefs. It is a good movie that teaches us not to give up in any situation. Basically this film is drama crime film based on the original story of Trumbo.