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10 Best Detective Movies


10 Best Detective Movies

If you want to become smart but don’t like to read boring psychological books, don’t worry, because you can watch some detective movies for this purpose. Mostly people think that movies only waste your time but they are wrong.

Some movies are not only helpful in increasing your knowledge but also useful in improving your intelligence. Detective movies reveal numerous mysterious and secret tricks related to human intelligence to make you smart.

Detective movies awake your curiosity and improve your thinking. Watching a good detective movie helps you to get a lot of knowledge which you cannot get from school and college. If you want to be clever and intelligent, you need to watch some good detective movies that can make your sharp and active.

Now you are wondering which detective movie you should watch? Don’t worry we have chosen the best detective movies for you that can make you better and smarter than others.

Here are the top 10 detective movies that can make you smart


Memento is a great movie with lot of suspense and puzzles. This movie is packed with mystery and confusions. Memento is a movie about a man who is finding the killer of his wife but he has short-term memory.

He can only remember things for 15 minutes but he doesn’t give up and don’t let his short-term memory stop him. He keeps hunting the killer by using multiple smart tricks that help him to recall his lost memory. He continues his investigation without having a normal memory. Memento was released in 2000.

Angel Heart

Angel Heart is another great detective movie to watch which instantly grab your intention because of numerous puzzles. It is based on 1987 novel falling Angel. It is a story of a private investigator who tries to solve the case related to disappearance of a popular singer.

He faces a lot of nerve wracking problems during the investigation and things get extremely confusing. This movie is filled with multiple puzzles to test human intelligence. Angel Heart was released in 1987.


Zodiac was released in 2007. It is a story of two detectives who are searching for a master mind serial killer with long criminal history. Zodiac is a serial killer who has terrified entire city for last 25 years. Zodiac is not like a common killer.

He loves to kill people and also plays cat and mouse game with investigators. He leaves his trade mark sign after every killing to challenge the intelligence of investigators.

Mystery Road

Mystery Road was released in 2013. It is an atmospheric film. It is a story of a police man who investigates the murder of aboriginal teenage girl. He collects information from locals about the girl and finds out the girl was drug addicted.

During his investigation he finds out numerous disturbing discoveries about the girl. The film is filled with mysterious swings and confusions.

True Detective

True detective is another great movie based on detectives. It has two seasons both have appreciated by the people. True Detectives is a story of two detectives who are trying to solve the puzzle of unusual murder happened in Louisiana.

They solve the mystery behind the killing step by step and overcome all the odds to catch the actual killer. True Detective was released in 2014 and the second part was released in 2015.


Mindhunters is another great movie released in 2004. It is a story of seven FBI students who are in the training process and go to an island to complete extremely difficult task. Their job is to find psychological profile of a criminal with limited clues and evidence.

It is a good film with numerous difficult puzzles to test your intelligence.

The Girl With Dragon Tattoo

The Girl With Dragon Tattoo is Swedish drama thriller film based on the novel of Swedish author Stieg Larsson. It is a story of a journalist who gets help from a young female hacker to search the killer of a woman.

This story is filled with mystery and describes the dark reality of our society where no one is safe. It was released in 2009.

L.A. Confidential

L.A Confidential is another great atmospheric movie that reminds us the vintage era of 1950. In this movie you not only get to see mysteries and puzzles but also see the beautiful sunny environment of old Los Angeles, California.

It is a story of two police officers who solve the mysteries of numerous killings and reveal multiple criminal secrets in front of people. L.A Confidential was released in 1997.


Insomnia is another great mystery thriller film released in 2002. Insomnia is story of a veteran police detective who goes to small Alaskan town to investigate the murder of a young girl. During the investigation detective gets trapped in a psychological game designed by the killer.

The killer confuses him with multiple tricks. A lot of confusing events make the detective unstable and he feels like he is lost in fog but finally he catches the killer.


Brick is an American neo-noir mystery film. It is a movie of teenage boy who receives a phone call from his ex-girl friend and tries to solve the mystery of her murder all alone. He investigates and discovers a lot of disturbing facts about his high school.

He faces the roughest characters of his school including a drug dealer to investigate the murder of his former lover.