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11 Best Movies on Netflix This Weekend


11 Best Movies on Netflix This Weekend

If you want to enjoy your weekend at your home and looking for quality entertainment, you need to watch some interesting and best movies because sometimes it is good to relax and chill on the coach. People with busy work schedules are mostly tired on the weekends and cannot afford to go outside.

In this situation watching cool and best movies are good option to spend free time pleasantly. There are number of best movies available to amuse us but only few of them hold our attention to the very end. Some interesting and best movies are so cool that you don’t want to blink your eyes while watching them.

11 Best Movies Movies On Netflix

The Call

In this movie a teenage girl is kidnapped by a psychopath who keeps her in the trunk of his car. The young girl only has one life line in the form of cell phone with dying battery. In order to save the girl 911 operator personally gets involve in this serious case. It is one of the best movies of all time.

Perfect Strangers

Perfect Strangers is an Italian comedy drama film based on a group of friends who get together for a dinner and decide to share their calls, text messages and emails in order to play an unusual game. Soon the game becomes difficult. It is one of the best movies that briefly uncover the role of smart phones in our life.

The lives of Others

The lives of Others is a German drama film. In this film a secret police officer conducts surveillance on a writer and his girl friend and becomes sympathetic by knowing their reality. He begins to doubt bad system which mostly misunderstands the people.

Seven Psychopaths

Seven Psychopaths is a dark comedy crime film. It is a story of a struggling writer, who is working on a script. He has oddball friends who kidnap the dogs of rich people to make money but his friends put him in trouble when they kidnap a famous gangster. The film is filled with interesting and hilarious scenes that will keep you on your coach to the very end.

Red Eye

Red Eye is an American Psychological thriller film. In this film a women who is always afraid of flights faces a serious trouble when a stranger kidnap her. She is humiliated and threatened by the stranger and faces many unexpected problems.

Inside Man

Inside Man is American Crime Thriller film. It is based on three main characters, a brilliant detective, a cunning bank robber and mysterious powerful broker. The movie showcases difficult hostage situation and clever nature of criminals with bad attentions.

Burning Bright

It is an interesting horror thriller film. In this film a man-eating tiger meets a young girl and his autistic brother during a hurricane. The young girl and his bother escape from the hurricane but cannot connect to the outside world. In this situation a bloody tiger from local circus enters in their house to stay and scares them to death.


Misery is a great film which has received many prestigious awards. In this film a famous writer faces a car accident in the storm and rescued by a nurse who happens to be his diehard fan. Soon the novelist realizes that he is not only rescued but also kidnapped by the nurse. The nurse is obsessed by the work of writer and forces him to change his story according to her wish and also abuses him.


Enough is an American thriller film directed by Michael Apted. It is based on a novel named Black and Blue. It is a movie that stands for women empowerment. It is a story of a strong woman who faces a lot physical and emotional abuse from his husband and decides to fight back with courage.


Trash is a Brazilian-British adventure drama thriller. It is a movie of three boys who find a bag filled with money in a garbage dump. They become happy but not for longtime because soon police chases them. It is an interesting movie that displays the dark reality of society.

The Thirteen Tale

The Thirteen Tale is a British drama television film. In this story a biographer uncovers the dark secrets of a famous writer. She is surprised to know the story of twin sisters that is related to her own life. It is a great artistic film and you will love to watch the shocking turns of the of this movie.