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10 Best Dog Movies on Netflix


10 Best Dog Movies on Netflix

Looking for best dog movies on Netflix but failed to find the right list, don’t worry we have the list of best dog movies that are currently available on Netflix. We all love dogs and like to watch dog movies that can make us cry and happy.

Dog movies are mostly packed with emotions. Funny dog movies, sad dog movies Disney dog movies and animated dog movies are always worth to watch because these movies give us lesson of love, loyalty and honesty. Famous dog movies are few in numbers. In 2017 some good dog movies were released like, A Dog’s Purpose and The Stray.

If we look back in history there are many good old dog movies available to entertain us including Vampire Dog, A dog’s life and Bolt. In 2018 movies like Isle of Dogs and Show Dogs did incredible business at Box Office.

When it comes to best dog movies on Netflix the list is not long but this streaming service has very good but short collection of dog movies that you can watch at your home. Netflix has top dog movies that can entertain you at your home.

10 Best Dog Movies on Netflix


Lassie is loyal dog that belongs to a family suffering from financial crises. The family has to sell Lassie to a rich man because they cannot keep her anymore due to poverty. But smart Lassie finds her way to come back home and completes long journey to join the family once again. It is an incredible sad and funny dog movie. (1)

101 Dalmatians

An evil fashion designer plans to steal Dalmatian puppies because she wants to make a luxury fur coat but soon she gets into trouble. The Parents of the puppies starts a massive rally in order to protect the puppies. The film is packed with fun and action. (2)

Red Dog

Red dog is based on great true story of a dog that helps to unite desperate local community while he was searching for his lost master. The Red Dog not only finds his master, but he also unites a local community in Australian outback. It is one of the best dog movies of all time. (3)

Dogs with Jobs

Dogs with Jobs is a TV series that includes emotional stories of dogs. The TV series highlight the day to day struggle of dogs that act, provide mental and psychical therapy and work with the cops. The show is super cool and filled with passion and emotion. (4)

Lucky Dog

Lucky Dog is TV program in which a dedicated animal trainer Brandon McMillan’s train dogs with bad behaviors in order to protect them. People don’t adopt dogs with bad behavior and rough attitude because they are hard to keep. Brandon helps these kinds of dogs in order to provide them shelter. (5)

Vampire Dog

A little boy meets a 600-year old dog with magical powers. The dog is vampire and also speaks perfectly. The little boy and vampire dog realize that they can conquer everything when they courageously face their fears. It is one of the best dog movies for kids. (6)

Air Bud: Spikes Back

It is story of a dog that plays volleyball. The dog is smart and works as a secret helper to investigate series of mysterious crimes that happened in his area. It is a good comedy, family and sport film. It is one of the best dog movies from Disney films. It is a fun movie to watch at home. (7)

Wiener Dog Nationals

A family adopts a small dog and participates in the famous dog race called “Wiener Dog Nationals.” It is an awesome dog movie that was released in 2013. The movie is packed with fun. The film has flavors of comedy, family love and sports. (8)

Beethoven’s Treasure Tail

Beethoven is a smart dog, who lives in a small town. The dog helps a local boy to find a private map that leads to lost treasure. The dog not only finds the map but also helps the boy to find the treasure that worth millions of dollars. It is a great dog movie that was released in 2014. (9)

Puppy Party

It is story of cute puppy Join Milo that invites all of his friends to his party. More than 25 dog breeds attend his party. Watching too many cute puppies in one place is an amazing experience. This movie is incredible and filled with fun. (10)


These are the best movies on Netflix that can make your day. These are also best dog movies for kids. You can watch these movies with your family and friends. Netflix also has some cool movies about other animals that you can easily watch.

Movies that are based on true animal stories always fun to watch. You don’t have to watch same movies that are based on action, horror and comedy again and again because dog movies also provide quality entertainment like other movies.  Enjoy these dog movies and let us know about your favorite dog movie in the comment section.